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· 1 hour ago
Use Chat.Chat without missing memo news feed! Join telegram group to try first: http://bit.ly/ChatChatTelegram #ChatChatXmemo
How long before the mute option?
Hello, my first post on Memo! Welcome all!
Well i like to do and listen about CRYPTOPOLITICS... Lot to come!
Who is interested in Cryptopolytics? :-)
Great idea! This is on the roadmap.
❤️❤️❤️thanks! cool application of bitdb.
What do you think of having an easy way to see people’s previous profile names? Do you like being able to change name or want to keep track of who is who?
posted · 1 day ago
Memo looks like Pacman eating all other apps
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· 2 days ago
Date of the new bullrun for bitcoincash : April 2019
Proof with the popularity of memo.cash : https://imgur.com/a/BzikuN4
Very glad that Memo.cash is following Ryan Charles' Switzerland anti-split approach. More and more apps are following his lead.
Are you going to use Memo on mobile phone? Chat.Chat is on the way. Now join telegram group and never miss the chance to win early bird rewards. Telegram: http://bit.ly/ChatChatTelegram

Thanks for checking in. Probably will be at least a month or two, got some other higher priority items at the moment.
@memo how's it going with those child key derivation projects?
32mb block just found! Saw all 32 buses leave on TxStreet :D
test for memo!
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· 6 days ago
A way to quickly get back to the original post in a thread would be nice instead of clicking and clicking until you get there. If that already exists, please share.
I think listening to diverse opinions is useful, but some people swamp the feed. It would be great just to see occasional msg from them to see what they're currently on about.
I've had this idea before. Maybe have users be able to use a slider that sets a threshold of "activity" (likes, replies, etc.) another users post needs to appear on their feed.
UI suggestion: give users the ability to select how many % of posts they want to see from someone who they follow.
put an "X" or sth to close a popup at the bottom of the thread popup. I don't want to scroll all the way up again just to close it! Thanks