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We improved some of the backend networking that should speed up page loads a little bit.
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Sad to see people leave Memo because we don't drop support of whichever coin they don't like :(
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Topics have been updated to use icons for replies & likes
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Are polls working again?
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· 11d · memo
Balance is now displayed in the header
· 12d · memo
Memo is now free! New user faucet is live!

· 12d · memo
Simple RSS feed for new memo posts - https://memo.cash/rss/new
· 13d · memo
Faucet for new users is coming soon!
· 13d · memo
Icons have been added to posts/likes/etc to indicate which chain they are on
· 16d · memo
There is now a release notes page with information about updates: https://memo.cash/release-notes
· 16d · memo
Also when viewing a user now the default tab is to view their posts.
· 16d · memo
Update: replies are no longer included in feed and ranked posts pages. This should help more threads get exposure.
· 16d · memo
Memo Android app now has full SV support. You can use the title menu to toggle between BCH and BSV.
· 21d · memo
Slow broadcasting on memo.sv has been fixed
· 22d · memo
https://memo.sv is now live!
· 49d · memo
Polls are now fixed! Apologies :)
· 53d · memo
Max post size for SV big Memos increased to 65kb. There is also support for embedding images using data-uri format in posts!
· 54d · memo
Long messages are now shortened in feed. You can open posts to view entire message.
There is now a setting on sv.memo.cash to enable big memos (up to 8192 characters). If you are using un-split coins this will cause them to be split. Also transactions may take awhile to confirm and can get lost.
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Having fun?
· 58d · memo
I'm happy to announce the release of Memo mobile app for Android! (iOS coming soon)
· 62d · memo
You can now post multi-line messages in topics using shift+enter.

· 62d · memo
Unlinked page that lists sends: https://memo.cash/posts/sends

Glad to see people finding it useful.