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Single button anywhere on the screen to go to the list of your activities immidiately, even if there's no your memos on the screen atm
posted · 1 day ago
my #WordPress #BCH #MoneyButton plugin https://cashtippr.com/ is now available in the WordPress plugin store!😃
Insert tip buttons into posts with a shortcode, optionally hide text & more...
#crypto #BTC #Bitcoin
Great idea, thanks! Hopefully we can add this soon.
@memo for your never-ending wishlist: Safari and Chrome notifications. Your backend can send us push notifications.
Pretty much, thanks for pointing out. Personally, I would like to see all main functions on the on page just like with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Thx for the hard work
hello world
Bitcoin Cash - borderless, no bullshit & censorship-free on-chain transactions for everyone.
posted · 13 hours ago in memo
Memo r/btc bot goes offline for 5 days. It only took 7 seconds after tipping for it to come back to life. #BCH #FastBCH #BCHBots
I've removed username from the header for now. Thanks again for reporting.
Yes, thank you.
See the header
This has probably been suggested, but I'd love to see my wallet balance in sats displayed in the navbar!
Thanks for reporting. Would you mind sending a screen shot? Either in reply here or via contact method on about page.
posted · 23 hours ago
Memo is the first dapp that has more users than investors.
I use to go all over the web searching for new blockchain stuff, this social media right here (#memo) sounds promising!
I mean separate global real-time updating list of hashtags, old Twitter style. "Ranked" can and will consist multiple memos of the same hashtag
Is the new "Trending" tags page similar to what you're talking about? I'm not familiar with the old Twitter style ranking, can you explain? Thanks for your input :)
replied to post by memo
· 1 day ago
I think it should be called «Trending» instead. What’s «trending» is better for newcomers too, as they are familiar with the term, and it is the first they see here on memo.
BCH-PRICE-BOT now using #BCHprice tag instead of duplicating posts to topic. So history data can be seen using tag :)
Check out my new Bitcoin Cash merchant directory at http://yellowpages.cash
It's still in beta, I'll be spending the next week populating with merchants. If anyone wants to help, feel free to sign up and go to town!
A bug that allows miners willing to burn 12.5 BTC to crash the Bitcoin Core nodes. BU, ABC, XT not Affected!! :D
Roger Ver continues to spread Bitcoin Cash in Korea! He was asked a difficult question by a journalist - does Bitcoin Have intrinsic value?
Thanks for the feedback. Memo actions are tied to your address. Technically they're more pseudonymous than anonymous. I agree it would be good to have a better username than address.
posted · 2 days ago