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replied · 3h
This has happened a few times recently. Will work on improving.
replied · 6h
The Member website is also censorable. I'm working hard to bring you an app that you can download that won't be though :)
replied · 8h
Working on speeding up replies which should help with this. Also will look why double posting isn't prevented. Thanks!
replied · 9h
sorry don't know what happened there didn't mean to spam
replied · 9h
Memo is worth the wait, seeing that that was the first problem I encountered here I thought it was my laptop lol
replied · 9h
Memo is worth the wait, seeing that that was the first problem I encountered here I thought it was my laptop lol
sent · 2,726,957 sats · 15h
Donating in honor of Eric Reid's awesomeness!
Anyone planning any related projects for the SLPVH hackathon?
Memo site had a short outage due to a code update. The issue has been resolved, sorry for the inconvenience.
replied · 18h
I measured a room and I didn't have a notebook at hand. Wrote it into the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Now I will have it forever.
@Mitch_Kosowski check IT out #
all my on🍇
chain posts🐍
ARE #delivered to twitter😥so I don't need to USE IT ANYMORE
I CAN use 👒tweet Mitchifier 📦
#for #all my #SNT STUFF AND post🌵
Instead of #BCH having named addresses, we could all just have a #Memo account. When you want to send #BitcoinCash to anyone, you can just send it to their Memo account. Although, Memo first needs #2FA #DailyMemo
replied · 14h
2FA is planned. Hopefully not too far off.
replied · 21h
Ah I see - this is a send money action - 0x6d24 - I hadn't included those yet. Fix coming shortly.
replied · 22h
Of course, the ideal solution would be a change to the memo PROTOCOL: a flag that labels several posts as making up a single large post, thus eliminating the character limit for good.
replied · 22h
Cool! Could we have a setting to always roll up self-replies, instead of doing it in a post-by-post manner?
replied · 1d
useful but we still need clean, searchable blockchain articles (ie ...Topics | Articles...)
replied · 1d
working, shows my profile image with text (not image though)
· 1d
testing out the post to Twitter option again with some #digital art (it's an unfinished project)
Shuffle Saturdays are great! We should make Memo Mondays a thing too!
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replied · 1d
Just hit the 25 tx limit for the first time, having it retry periodically until the next block was a great idea, you could probably increase the wait time a bit from 5 seconds though
replied · 1d
Is it because the OP_RETURN is the 2nd output?
'You get what you measure'

To increase real capacity, we need to measure real capacity - and can't do that by coddling the BCH network.