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Could also work if they just didn't count towards the total number of posts shown on the page
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The problem isn't limited to Memo. It applies to all BCH transactions. Make too many of them without waiting for the next block and you'll have the same problem.
this really is annoying
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Yeah, that's a problem.
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Hopefully muted posts can be hidden from feed entirely. Thanks for feedback
A feature like "memo of the week" where everyone can only publish once a week would be raising quality so much!!! Each week the user can nominate his favo post! Like twitter pins but better!!
why? Animated gifs are so funny!!!
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Removing posts entirely is planned, yes. Might be some time though
After muting others, I still get a notification and their post looks up as muted in my notification feed. Is that the desired behaviour?
It would be fantastic, if we had the chance, to select a different image for the twitter retweets!! Twitter needs 800x418 while Memo uses something 1:1
Can we use gif images for profiles?
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Gif is not supported for profile images currently. If we did add support they would likely not be animated though
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Also here
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Thanks! This one isn't a quick fix. It's an issue with JS. (e.g. this calculation in JS: 0.00001 * 10000000). Perhaps there's a big number JS library that is immune to this.
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Thanks, this should be fixed now too :)
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Must be 999,999,999,999,999
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Thanks this one should be fixed now
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Embedding posts (potentially cross chain) is planned.