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Who wrote the pledge, what is the act of 1871, why did they kill the articles of confederation, who owns the national parks? let's play clue! It was q in study with the red herring.
Paperclip, mockingbird, behold a pale horse, who financed both sides of wwii, why do you need to get felt up or irradiated to board a plane, why do you have to pay taxes...the list is long
Great awakening? Just a bunch of distractions. Want to wake up? Figure out who controls the money supply, the agenda, what is PNAC, you're in a fox hole being outfoxed not a rabbit hole.
Hmm gold has been money for thousands of years. You may not be able to eat it, but I bet you can trade some for food or whatever else you need. Better than carrying wheelbarrows full of cash.
Great job on the stress test to all who participated! Now, either get to work or get lost! Giant opportunity to fix holes and identify problems! Let the beatings begin...
It's a trust thing. Plenty of exchanges out there.
Coinex back up. Liberated all my bch!
Can anyone get to coinex.com? Think they spooked? Site down for me since the announcement saying keep all your bch here.
We going to see great pyramid of giza sized blocks!
2 minutes to midnight! Already mining 10mb blocks.
Memo is flying! Very gray nice upgrade!
Let's send 500k satoshis to EatBCH_SS (South Sudan)
Tip the Invoice (in the reply to this post)

TO: qrsrvtc95gg8rrag7dge3jlnfs4j9pe0ugrmeml950
AMOUNT: 500000
Testing multiple tips

TO: qq4pkt0vqgs0pxdyfrq2hgc5ygncpa3wjyy07x076t
AMOUNT: 10000
TO: qq4pkt0vqgs0pxdyfrq2hgc5ygncpa3wjyy07x076t
AMOUNT: 10000
Yawn! Small minds talk personalities. Big minds talk ideas. Goodnight children.
Armani makes his own as well.
Let ABC split off into oblivian. You're a core troll aren't you? This is a beautiful thing! 10k satoshis says amanita
Do you know what decentralized development looks like? Obviously not. With the sole
You do know where the unlimited in Bitcoin Unlimited comes from right?
Minting a couple billion more tokens, trading will have to pick up big time for it to do anything than go down.
Concentrating camps aka public schools. They've been here since before trump.
the buying is going on look at coinex. price up to 1.0 bch/whc :O wow. don't they take 1000 confirmations and 1BCH = 100 WHC? website not too great when i looked.
yes - divs are divided between CET holders proportional to their holdings so for ex. i have 20k CET, got about $12 in divs yesterday - 50k sats btc, 2.50 usdt, .004 eth .003bch, etc, etc.
just saw 3314 bch truck go by whew
just have 50k to spend funded and rdy :D