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replied to post by Jared
· 2 days ago
This thing is big and ugly. I hope the truth comes out.
Why would they shut down the post office too? Strange things going on there.
As an old friend would say "that sucks donkey dicks!" She has a way with words. Also it fits in the whole weird animal sexual discussion going on...err something! People suck, sorry!
I can see it now. :) I would shrink cubes and justify text to right top and get it totally out of the cubes. Then put you a little bch logo in bottom right corner. What u think?
Can't read the white on green cube text very well.
First time for the open marriage thing? I wouldn't go there. I hear the idea is much better than the experience. You could get the work girl's SO to tag along lol.
Officially deleted reddit from my life. That place has become a cesspool of GROUPTHINK and propaganda. Or was already bad before, but it’s out of control. So thankful for decentralized platforms like MEMO!
Take off, you hoser!
Probably raised their min fee to filter out the cheap txs
Why couldn't they? The big giant difference would be the coin cap. They will have to eventually come up with something. Probably something that looks like xrp or ln
Wormhole is an uncreative scam.
The private central banks are the biggest fraud on the planet. Capitalist? Right. They print money from nothing and charge interest on it layers deep.
Not sure you will reach either of these 2..they have a bad definition of capitalism. Usually they just spew hateful words back at you.They confuse the money changers with capitalists
Taxation is slavery! Thank you! Just a minor point but you usually sell your labor. Otherwise it's called volunteering, which is cool too, but a man's got to eat!
I got 1! Memopay|Cyberian mine winter is coming|
Who wrote the pledge, what is the act of 1871, why did they kill the articles of confederation, who owns the national parks? let's play clue! It was q in study with the red herring.
Paperclip, mockingbird, behold a pale horse, who financed both sides of wwii, why do you need to get felt up or irradiated to board a plane, why do you have to pay taxes...the list is long
Great awakening? Just a bunch of distractions. Want to wake up? Figure out who controls the money supply, the agenda, what is PNAC, you're in a fox hole being outfoxed not a rabbit hole.
Hmm gold has been money for thousands of years. You may not be able to eat it, but I bet you can trade some for food or whatever else you need. Better than carrying wheelbarrows full of cash.
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I want to see how many people currently use Memo on a day to day basis. Stats page only shows total users. So with that in mind, how often do you visit Memo?
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A lot of manufacturing buisinesses have their prices undercut by Chinese importers who are willing to use essentially slave labor to monopolize a given market.
No, that is not what fiat means. Use a dictionary. Fiat means "by decree", as in, "its money because we say so", and not because of any real value.
Well whoever wants that free trade is an idiot who's incapable of doing math.
amen, he went full retard.
Obviously his bread is buttered by Blockstream. His arguments were ridiculous! Couldn't say a thing without his script..er notes.That narrative can't survive an unmoderated environment