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Do you want to see pictures of aliens?
Yes 58 votes · 76,686 satoshis
No 12 votes · 2,110 satoshis


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That's probably what the virus is thinking when it infects people.
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We're not talking unless your computer is wearing a keyboard mask.
People who know each other + are BCH poor + want to exchange digital services should just :
1 - Create an SLP token
2 - Divide it equally between themselves
3 - Start exchanging services using the token.
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I'm offended by this message :)
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And use hydroalcolic gel just to find out the virus is chilling on the bottle. lol
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Especially when you're buying a bag of potato chips :)
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But hey. Let's hope the virus gets contained and everybody goes back just like before :)
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Maybe a computer ate a Chinese bat which made social media interactions able of transmitting the virus.
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I'm pretty sure some troll will create a COVID-19 token.
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Justin Sun recently won Warren Buffett’s charity lunch with a $4.6M bid.
There's a lot of business lessons Justin could learn from Buffet.
The most important one ? Never pay $4.6M for lunch. #dailymemo
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Will I get paid if I'm the real Satoshi ?
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Budweiser's parent company recently invested in a startup working to bring Blockchain for farmers.
According to our analysts, Budweiser's CEO is not too drunk to follow the Fortnite trend. #dailymemo
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Get diabetes and interrupt live streams with no KYC !
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Using BCH to get access to every candy machine in the world.
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What big new feature do you want to see next in
Crypto to crypto trading 7 votes · 1,555 satoshis
eBay/Craigslist goods 11 votes · 1,555 satoshis
Jobs/Gigs 11 votes · 2,555 satoshis
Othe (comment below) 2 votes · 1,150 satoshis


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"It’s asking companies to pay $10 million to operate a node that can validate transactions made with its cryptocurrency in exchange for a say in governance of the token." 1/2