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· 19h
Looking forward to the day all of us are seen as the new OGs of Bitcoin. The ones that saved it from the small blockers. #dailymemo
replied · 22h
I've thought about mining. Maybe one day.
replied · 22h
Later today. Looking forward to going home. Would love to come back with the family though.
· 1d
I have had a very long five days. Working for the man sucks so hard. #dailymemo
· 2d
Starting to think the most annoying people in the world are those who think they know everything. #dailymemo
· 4d
When the internet was just starting, were people saying things like it was going to fix everything the way folks in crypto do about their favorite coin? #dailymemo
· 5d
Can I go back and take the blue pill? #dailymemo
replied · 5d
Yeah I know who he is. Forgot he's on memo. In any case, prob not a good thing to be compared to jim-btc.
replied · 5d
Yeah I've just muted him. I see no point discussing anything with him. He's probably the most toxic person on this platform.
replied · 5d
I don't think Amaury is infallible. See ya twatter.
replied · 5d
Criticism is allowed. I don't think calling Amaury a toxic imbecile contributes anything.
replied · 5d
I disagree. I don't want to contribute to the toxicity, but I think you're the one being toxic here.
replied · 5d
Amaury might not be perfect, but you're completely off base to be calling him a toxic imbecile. What have you done for BCH development and community twatter?
replied · 5d
Probably won't have time for that since I'll be with my boss the whole time but thanks for the info!
replied · 5d
Probably won't have time for that since I'll be with my boss the whole time but thanks for the info!
replied · 5d
London for work.
· 6d
Sorry memo, been on a plane for ten hours. Not sure if I made the cut off for my #dailymemo.
replied · 7d
I was thinking of it similar to being friends only on Twitter. You can restrict who gets to see your posts. I haven't really through it through, just brainstorming.
· 7d
Is there a way for memo to enable paywalls? Pay a set amount to read someone's posts. #dailymemo
· 8d
Just notice Gavin Andresen's memo account has exactly 666 followers. Would be cool if he came back to the platform and posted once in awhile. #dailymemo
· 9d
Memo is good because it's uncensorable. But what else? Yes we can tip each other, but how would someone really monetize being here? Is altruism the only way? Where's the economic incentive? #dailymemo
replied · 9d
You tell me.
replied · 9d
Thanks for the kind words sir. You keep doing you as well Corbin =)
replied · 9d
Not always. Only when I feel I've put someone down unnecessarily.
replied · 10d
Because sometimes I can be an asshole.