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· 1d
When the internet was just starting, were people saying things like it was going to fix everything the way folks in crypto do about their favorite coin? #dailymemo
· 2d
Can I go back and take the blue pill? #dailymemo
· 3d
Sorry memo, been on a plane for ten hours. Not sure if I made the cut off for my #dailymemo.
· 4d
Is there a way for memo to enable paywalls? Pay a set amount to read someone's posts. #dailymemo
· 5d
Just notice Gavin Andresen's memo account has exactly 666 followers. Would be cool if he came back to the platform and posted once in awhile. #dailymemo
· 6d
Memo is good because it's uncensorable. But what else? Yes we can tip each other, but how would someone really monetize being here? Is altruism the only way? Where's the economic incentive? #dailymemo
· 7d
I need to become more humble. #dailymemo
· 8d
Work is kicking my ass. The irony is if I didn't have to work, I'd work so much harder. #dailymemo
· 9d
What will it take to get people to come to memo over and over again like they do for twitter? #dailymemo
· 11d
· 11d
Took the family to see the ocean today. #dailymemo
· 12d
Bummed by all the bad news coming out regarding vaping of cannabis products. I guess I'll just do edibles. #dailymemo
sent · 1,000,000 sats · 13d
From a stranger on the other side of the planet.
· 13d
I've been inspired by Unusual Uther. Going forward I'm going to up my tipping game on memo. Going to try to tip at least ten cents a tip, or roughly 35,000 sats at today's prices. #dailymemo
· 14d
Looking forward to watching videos from the Bitcoin Cash City conference. In need of some positive BCH news for a change. #dailymemo
· 15d
The world is full of all types of people. It would be boring otherwise. #dailymemo
· 16d
Is it just me or does it seem like of all the coins out there, Bitcoin Cash has the most contentious community of them all? #dailymemo
· 17d
So it looks like I just burned all my tokens. I had my Memo wallet hooked up to my electron cash wallet. To combine my UTXOs, I sent max to another wallet and then back to memo. This sucks. #dailymemo
· 18d
Why can't people just be real with each other? #dailymemo
· 19d
How many people checking their memo tonight? Not too many things better than the beginning of a long weekend.
· 19d
We need leaders in Bitcoin Cash, not a bunch of speculators. #dailymemo
· 19d · Memo
My memo wallet is hooked up to electron cash so I'm able to send all to another address that way. But when I try to send all using the "send" function on memo, it didn't work. Why?
· 20d
Dave Chappelle is the best that ever was. #dailymemo
· 21d · Memo
experienced my first memo glitch. i had 80k something satoshis but when i tried to tip someone 33k satoshis it asked me to make a deposit.
· 21d
I wonder what's going to happen. #dailymemo