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Sad to see you supporting this plan, but it is your choice like you said.
It was a pleasant surprise to find a restaurant that accepts Bitcoin Cash in my area (Asturias, Spain). 🙂 #BCH
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You first said 50.00 when it was in the 200 range. Then when it got to the 400 range you said 320 and then you raised it again to 360. LOL Still not close to any of your Predictions
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Eric Reid
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Keep it up! Awesome incentive mechanism to keep interesting content flowing
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You get it now😊

Try out Member, it's sick.
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This! Is! Challenging!

BCH enthusiast _should_ have a look! And do share!
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Good thing you didn't choke on it... 😅
21d · marx
The unexpected consequence of the new 12.5% development fund proposal will is that everyone is using!
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The most important benefit is the roadmap gets completed. What is BCH if it's not? I really don't think either decision will tank the price.
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Cain, I like you. Don't take your BCH out of cold storage for this. Buy as much as you can and then some MORE! And then some MORE!
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Very well written.

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A second #MYTHBUSTER dividend payout test has been conducted. The recipients (contributors who got some tokens):

SofiaCBCH, Grido, Mr-Zwets, kaogumi, Telesfor, Cain, TomZ, lugaxker, BitcoinOutLoud, AlanOne, Read.Cash
Got paid in Bitcoin Cash today. Traded half of it for stablecoins thanks to SideShift ( and kept the other half.

We can escape the banking system TODAY with these innovations.
Looks like some SV shills/trolls & even a BU dev have started a new sub-Reddit - /r/BitcoinCashBCH/ to try to stur up shit in the BCH community. Don't let them.
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It is. Just click on posts and there is a search box right at the top.
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I’ve been popping adderall, sipping zero carb monster, ignoring my family’s VM’s and texts to join them while refreshing memo and my crypto ticker every few seconds.

Happy TG
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I have the same problem, especially as the world changes, I'm growing more fond of my memories than the present. It's important to jolt yourself into the moment every now and then
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In my experience, endorphins are definitely still for people over 40. But I find it harder and harder to push myself enough to get to that level.
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Good article.
87d · Mathrock
David Hasselhoff
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Wow atleast I had one good idea lol ty
Unusual Uther
Sorry folks, I don't have time to listen to that much music. You all flooded me like you did the pizza requests lol... I appreciate the love and everyone trying.