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Writer and supporter of Bitcoin Cash who wants to help make the world a better place.


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replied · 6h
Safe flight home dude and come back with the family one day :-)
replied · 4d
I muted him a long time ago. Couldn't stand the guy. He just like's to attack people.
replied · 4d
Just complaining endlessly lol. That's all he's capable of, apparently
replied · 5d
Eh, I'll allow it. Just post two dailies tomorrow and say three Hail Satoshis
· 7d · Memo
You can now view self-replies rolled up. Link in block explorer dropdown, e.g.
Hey Memo fans i'm new on the platform, so far it looks great with a awesome community cant wait to see what you are all about
Have a great day ;)

Yo guys! Just posted up my latest video.
It's about clarifying the definition of Marketing vs Sales.
· 8d
QR links to Nimbus (a Status project)
replied · 8d
I also have to pay for using Netflix, but it's much less fun and I don't know who I'm paying to.
replied · 8d
I use Memo primarily for notarizing stuff. The conversation and market features are an added bonus.

I've supported moving serious protocol discussion to Memo, still think it's better.
replied · 8d
For me, memo isn't about earning. I see it as a privilege to be able to trade tokens or posts here. I also like to pay some sats for it.
replied · 8d
You get extra berries in yours, samurai.
replied · 9d
Sometimes in some situations dealing with some people, being a asshole is a necessity :-)
replied · 9d
You’ll find that easiest in service to others. Just saying hi to someone or a warm smile can change someone’s day for the better.
Not too long ago you had to wait minutes to have anyone show up on the BCH side....

#BitcoinCash #Progress
replied · 10d
When I was not working I did all kind of great things. Now I just slave. I quit again soon tho
replied · 11d
Simple, image uploading and video. I #love #Memo, but I can honestly say it's feature list is like the 2012 Twitter version.
replied · 16d
I just posted the first one available by Gabriel Cordona about 45 minutes ago. Exciting, Exciting, stuff.
replied · 19d
Just sent you a few beers my man .

🍺, probably the best SLP ever created, stay frothy :-)