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· 17h
Okay I'm going to give this daily memo thing a go. Today I saw someone give away $10k in BCH to a bunch of strangers on Twitter. It's so obvious BCH is the future. #dailymemo
· 5d
I keep coming back to this platform for some reason.
· 5d
I wonder if someone will ever read this memo 50 years from now. If you are reading this, know that I was thinking of you.
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· 171d
I'm sitting on the second floor of a library, staring out its floor to ceiling windows, at a small park where a mother and her young son are kicking a ball to each other in the grass.

I need to be a better father.
A way to quickly get back to the original post in a thread would be nice instead of clicking and clicking until you get there. If that already exists, please share.
· 178d · memo
A side effect of new memobutton is that when looking at the new profiles page, it's mostly the anonymous ones from memobutton. any way to sift real profiles from memobutton ones?
· 178d
Post to see if you can self-upvote.
· 178d · memo
Can you upvote your own memo like you could on Yours? I guess I will find out.
· 178d
I just imagined my sons finding these memos one day and reading the thoughts of their late father. Memo allows anyone to leave a legacy.
· 182d
The alarm went on so I reached out and turned it off. I opened my eyes. The room was still dark but the clock said it was 5:55 in the morning so I forced myself to get up.
· 183d
Then I fixed myself a bowl of cereal, which I ate quietly in the kitchen, where a single bare bulb hung from the ceiling and lighted the faded yellow walls.
· 183d
I forced myself out of bed, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, then started getting dressed. It was cold, so I held my socks by the heater for a minute before putting them on.
· 183d
The alarm went off so I reached out with my arm and turned it off. I opened my eyes. The room was still dark and the clock showed it was 5:55 in the morning. Time to get up.
· 186d
· 187d · memo
What are some of the improvements planned for the near future on memo?
· 187d
I wrote a thing.

Keep Bitcoin Cash weird.

created poll · 188d
Curious about the Memo community. Do you know how to code?
Yes 26 votes · 2,101 satoshis
No 10 votes · 0 satoshis

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· 189d
It's easy to forget sometimes how good it can feel just to be asked by a stranger about who you are, what you do, where you come from, and where you're going.
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· 195d · memo
don't know if it's just me but can't scroll to the end of this user's posts: https://memo.cash/profile/1AbXxxpmdHsZg3LeotVF63Vt8Ydz2hdgLF?p=posts
· 197d · memo
· 202d
Knowing that everything we post here will be saved on the block chain forever, I wonder if that will make people better?