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To be fair, SPV wallets are impure too (not fully peer-to-peer) but the technology can be improved (e.g. Neutrino for privacy). The Lightning Network is a far worse solution.
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LN reintroduces banking and middlemen, that by itself used to be enough to turn off actual crypto supporters immediately
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Agreed. Too many people focused only on price and don't understand the true value proposition behind Bitcoin.
Trade #2 successfully completed https://local.bitcoin.com/r/georgengelmann
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Bitcoin Abstract: "a PURELY peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution."

LN is impure.

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Becoming famous shouldn't be one's purpose. It should be the other way around. Have a purpose and try to become famous to achieve said purpose. Celebrity should be the means, not the end. #dailymemo
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I saw money only as a way to provide for my family, but now with BCH, I see it as a way to impact other people's lives. Being able to send such small amounts to anyone opens up all kinds of possibilities. #dailymemo
How are you today, greedy little fucktards?
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Hello txstreet.com viewers.
I depleted the entire ask side of USDH stablecoin on Coinex
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Bitcoin holds everyone accountable and keeps them honest. That's what makes it so powerful. I think it can undo decades of mistrust of the system. The more we use it, the more we grow to trust each other. #dialymemo
Statism is the cancer of the mind.
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I'm running out of time, but I guess so is everyone else. #dailymemo
Been in Bitcoin since 2013, BCH works like Bitcoin when transactions were not set to an arbitrary limit every 10 minutes. 99% of the value of bitcoin comes from on-chain transactions.
Does anybody actually use BTC anymore? This 'store of value' nonsense is starting to look like tulip mania.
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Note worthy:
- It's non-custodial.
- Your wallet is not required to be open/running.
- The service does not take a fee for donations.
- No ads.
- Donations can be made anonymously.
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Because I like tipbitcoin.cash.
When people start buying into digital Currency, BCH will move like no other. You Thought BTC moved fast in 2017. It will be incredible.
Join our poker game!! BITCHES!! :p https://blockchain.poker/#/?table=41991
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Yep! I had : one succesful in person cash transaction, one person that agreed then cancelled an offer, and one person that tried to scam me.
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Have you made a trade on local.bitcoin.com yet? #dailymemo
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