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Got paid in Bitcoin Cash today. Traded half of it for stablecoins thanks to SideShift ( and kept the other half.

We can escape the banking system TODAY with these innovations.
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I'm about an hour in. It's not bad, but despite the de-aging, they're still old.
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Anyone watch the movie Parasite yet? Debating if it's worth watching in theaters. #dailymemo
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Looks like some SV shills/trolls & even a BU dev have started a new sub-Reddit - /r/BitcoinCashBCH/ to try to stur up shit in the BCH community. Don't let them.
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I'm aware. Joe will eventually be explaining all that to his new friend Ashley ;)
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No I see it now. Thanks.
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It is. Just click on posts and there is a search box right at the top.
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Thanks for this. I didn't realize this was there.
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Memo needs to be searchable. #dailymemo
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I’ve been popping adderall, sipping zero carb monster, ignoring my family’s VM’s and texts to join them while refreshing memo and my crypto ticker every few seconds.

Happy TG
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Happy thanksgiving fellow memoans! #dailymemo
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I'm fine. Sorry if I sounded a bit dramatic.
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Sometimes I can barely hold it in. #dailymemo
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I have the same problem, especially as the world changes, I'm growing more fond of my memories than the present. It's important to jolt yourself into the moment every now and then
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As I get older, I have become more appreciative of my memories. But maybe that's my problem. I spend too much time dwelling on the past. #dailymemo
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In my experience, endorphins are definitely still for people over 40. But I find it harder and harder to push myself enough to get to that level.
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