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Sad to see you supporting this plan, but it is your choice like you said.
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I would prefer the community stay together. I am still hopeful that something will save us from a split. But maybe it's hopeless.
It was a pleasant surprise to find a restaurant that accepts Bitcoin Cash in my area (Asturias, Spain). 🙂 #BCH
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You first said 50.00 when it was in the 200 range. Then when it got to the 400 range you said 320 and then you raised it again to 360. LOL Still not close to any of your Predictions
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Sending my memo funds to the Puzzle#2 prize. If you want to participate, read this:
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Eric Reid
replied 5d
Keep it up! Awesome incentive mechanism to keep interesting content flowing
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Sorry for writing so many articles. I would've never imagined I'd be writing this much. Blame it on the incentives. #BitcoinCash #BCH
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I’ve used it. I should go back and try it out some more though.
replied 7d
Yeah there might be way more than 30. I got lazy about counting that number. If you do brute force it hoping you can leave the prize for people playing along and waiting for the clues.
replied 7d
Yeah, I get it, but I just don't care to.
replied 7d
I have been invited to try Twetch but I have no interest in that community.
Don't want to wait until my next column to see another clue? U can unlock it on satoshiwall for $.25. All proceeds will be added to the prize
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Thanks for adding to the prize! Hope more people join in on the fun =)
replied 8d
You get it now😊

Try out Member, it's sick.
I'm back.

There's something about writing on the chain that you don't get from tweeting or anywhere else.

I think people will wake up to Memo. To what it represents. It's like talking to God.
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This! Is! Challenging!

BCH enthusiast _should_ have a look! And do share!