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The timing is too perfect to not suspect some sort of pre planning.
My point was that Roger is a good dude, doing no harm, and ended up in a position he didn't plan to end up. This was not his goal. That's my point.
If you have ever run a business this has happened to you, if not your either super lucky, or to stupid to have seen it happen. (not calling you stupid, just saying it has happened)
And you have never found yourself in a position where you followed the wrong accountant, lawyer, or partner to a point where you would have never ended up without bad advice??
I agree, SV has no front man. I think they are hopping to start with some large solutions that needed a much larger chain to make the idea work. Maybe they can get some huge company
at this rate yes and total proof of work will catch up also.
It's true that ABC was defending against something with checkpoints. They had a fear of something.
But segwit was such a change that BCH can claim closest to white paper. Now SV can say it's even closer due to checkpoints.
Maybe not, also to consider BCH changed the difficulty algo, so really the "royal blood" was already contaminated. So BTC could always claim that neither BCH nor BSV have it.
Your comment means you have not. When you own a business you end up in a position with your staff and business that you will need to pivot from, Ver is in a position he didn't design
BTC segwit breaks the model, it's no longer bitcoin. It's junk. I would love to have a real debate about this. There is no way BTC can claim it's best. It's just using the brand.
0 Conf doesn't work, and the core people really think they can scale globally with a 1mb block size. Honestly I want to know, what part of this cluster fuck do you see as valuable?
I'm not a shill, but I am curious to talk to a person who thinks BTC is not broken. Lighting network is a piece of shit, Segwit took signatures out of the chain of signatures
When you start a business and grow it, you sometimes end up in odd positions. If you have ever owned a business you would understand. He didn't choose so much as end up to be here
If they get ABC to add replay protection they can claim the royal blood line later. They clearly plan beat BTC as well as BCH.
These are hollow triumphs, and short-lived; indeed, “what good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?”
The legend warns us to be wary of the cult of the ego, the seductions of fame and the celebration of power.
We are plagued by politicians offering easy answers to complex problems – especially when those easy answers are empty promises.
“Every notable historical era will have its own Faust,” wrote Kierkegaard. Our challenge today is that, to some extent, we are all in a Faustian bind.
Trying to battle them when they have such a huge system is hard to do,,, they have unlimited printing press money. Step one is to create our own money, then simply move to it.
We sap them first, then we let them fail, and then we come in with a working alternative monetary system to replace the failed one.
Earn money, but use it to buy bitcoin and move your store of value off of their system. This starves them of capital by diluting their money. We keep all the good money,
My point is that it's a viable strategy to change government by first stealing their capital, get them low on energy first, then change them.
if you could add faces it would be even better. I have a few versions in mind. Making the dark night CSW would be the funniest, although it may not age well.