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replied 5d
4.2 liters 🤣🤣
replied 20d
Your the only Good things happen to me last 2020 thank you
replied 20d
My favorite is its only the number 20+20 =40 2+0 =2 40+2=“” 42”” struggle many times in year 2020 but thanks to GOD still Survive
Anyone here want to send me 2m sats?
My goal in 2021 is stacking a lot of BCH cause i have a feeling that by end of the year 2021 #BCH will be @ $2500 remember this post.. dec 29 2020 10:30 pm mark this post on your calendar
Merrychristmas everyone
replied 35d

Here my christmas tree
replied 35d
Heres mine @Uther
replied 35d
But i cant slay with out a sats 😅
replied 35d
Im a demon slayer
replied 37d
Hi sir uther
replied 40d
Your a Santa he said. Mama is uther Santa Claus?
replied 41d
Here is $30 or 1500 with remote control and there also $16 or 800 pesos with out remote control he would jumping if hes wish will come true sir
replied 41d
Yes thanks sir uther and he said thanks for everything you did for us..and he added dont forget his toy car😂 merry christmas uther be happy always
replied 42d
I miss you uther its been a while im offline no $ to buy data my and been busy for my sons birhtday last dec 10
replied 42d
Same to you God bless
replied 42d
Biggest foot
sent · 555 sats 42d
Happy holidays
replied 44d
Im out of sats my dear uther
replied 47d
Hi sir please iwant to surprise my son its hes birhtday to me and he turns 10 yrs old a little gift is a huge impact to him air
replied 65d
Its okay.jpeg
replied 65d
replied 68d
Hi sir can you help me buy 5kilo ofrice im out now please sir
replied 72d