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I was at the Fuel Station and the guy walked in and said: "It's Four point Two". Too the Cashier, and I asked her what 4.2 was and she said it was nothing, and I asked her again and she said it's nothing.
Its my MemoBirthday 🎉🎊🎉 its my one year anniversary today GOD BLESS every to generous people here Especially my @Uther all Uther thanks for everything
Go away, I hate you :(
Listen, everyone will be muted, no one is immune, I am sorry.
All I know for certain, is that we are all in Hell.
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Your the only Good things happen to me last 2020 thank you
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My favorite is its only the number 20+20 =40 2+0 =2 40+2=“” 42”” struggle many times in year 2020 but thanks to GOD still Survive
Post your favorite thing about 2020, and I will give you 2 Million Sats.
I don't care about the prices, but if bitcoin is 27k, that probably means Ethereum will be 3000 soon.
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Unusual Uther
Sir merry christmas can i have a little gift from you😭 you dont notice me idont have a christmas tree either
My goal in 2021 is stacking a lot of BCH cause i have a feeling that by end of the year 2021 #BCH will be @ $2500 remember this post.. dec 29 2020 10:30 pm mark this post on your calendar
Merrychristmas everyone
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34d · test
Merry Christmas Everyone here to myfriends it doesnt matter that we dont gave anything on the table this christmas most important were in good health and complete family.. God Bless everyone Take Care
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830 satoshi dust left huhu please surprise me sir uther a christmas gift for this year😭
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How i wish @Uther will notice me someday when its not too late😭😭
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Here my christmas tree
Look people of Memo, I need more than 1 picture of your Christmas tree too verify it's authenticity, 2-3 Christmas tree photos is what I need.
Buy my sweet please
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Your a Santa he said. Mama is uther Santa Claus?
No matter, what you do, it will never be enough.
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How much is a toy car?
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Here is $30 or 1500 with remote control and there also $16 or 800 pesos with out remote control he would jumping if hes wish will come true sir
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Yes thanks sir uther and he said thanks for everything you did for us..and he added dont forget his toy car😂 merry christmas uther be happy always