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Good Morning
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Thanks mr Uther good People like is better than anyone else ..i like you a lot..
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The people here being mean too me for using BCH can seriously go fly several kites at the same time.
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It's okay Maria, I am going to start tipping soon again, and if any of the jerks here have a problem they can get bent.
I thought the year of the Ox started too day, but I guess that was 13 days ago. Does it feel different too anyone lol?
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Part timer on a fastfoodchain 4 hours a day 2 days a week.. 😢
Good writing this as my last post on memo goobye everyone to those generous people..keep it up time will pay you god bless goodbye everyone
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Please like my content i only need 1m Sats for medicines🙇🙇

@Uther @UnusualUther
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Best medicine ever
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Lol okay, Good Morning
Can i have a little sats here i know its annoying but my son has a high fever please help🙏🏼🙏🏼😭
I was at the Fuel Station and the guy walked in and said: "It's Four point Two". Too the Cashier, and I asked her what 4.2 was and she said it was nothing, and I asked her again and she said it's nothing.
Its my MemoBirthday 🎉🎊🎉 its my one year anniversary today GOD BLESS every to generous people here Especially my @Uther all Uther thanks for everything
Go away, I hate you :(
Listen, everyone will be muted, no one is immune, I am sorry.
All I know for certain, is that we are all in Hell.
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Your the only Good things happen to me last 2020 thank you
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My favorite is its only the number 20+20 =40 2+0 =2 40+2=“” 42”” struggle many times in year 2020 but thanks to GOD still Survive
Post your favorite thing about 2020, and I will give you 2 Million Sats.
I don't care about the prices, but if bitcoin is 27k, that probably means Ethereum will be 3000 soon.