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Yesterday 218736-217446=1290 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈18.2%
voted on poll Cancel Hard Fork · 14 days ago
Andy Rowe
created poll · 14 days ago
CTOR && DataSigVerify 2 votes · 0 satoshis
128MB && reenabled opcodes 19 votes · 3,000 satoshis
Cancel Hard Fork 1 votes · 0 satoshis

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Yesterday 214466-206010=8456 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈56.2%. Happy ending for stress test. Largest block is [email protected]#546104. Miners proc 2299222 tx in [#545964, #546104]. BCH are ready
A 21M (21,354,763 bytes) block was mined by an anonymous node.
I say we cancel November HF.
Special thanks to @esthon running Txblaster2 in the cloud 24/7
What we need is better and more tools for next time. scale.cash can't handle the volume and txblaster is also choked up.
Today I have sent nearly 20000 transactions =P Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin and AWESOME!
It's almost 10am here. I basically pulled an all-nighter, but unfortunately I don't drink coffee :/ Memo team is just me right now. The community helps though :)
Mempool over 40 meg an hour ago. Nearly empty now. The system works. Temporary use spike backlogs clear quickly when there is enough space.
Calling it a night. Keep up the good work, people!
Mempool reaches 70M
no matter how many times I see txstreet turn into a disco
I STILL laugh like crazy...

ask me again at the end of this stress test 🐱‍🚀
errors being emitted in the above seashell
Happy stresstestday to you all!!
I'm switching to the first pool that mines a block > 8MB
Viabtc CEO Proposes BCH Organization to Establish ..
followed Tom
· 17 days ago
Hi @BitcoinCashHoarder , I just sent your tx's (run id: R473), bye!
TxStreet is back up now. Sorry, was kicked off of the bitcointicker API. Moved to bitcoin.com which is much better! Thanks @cgcardona
Lots of people starting early. You're right it officially starts in 11 hours
watching tips on txstreet.com is awesome. they have been back to back to back. awesome.

there are lot of talk going on now.
But reality is Only ViaBTC producing 8MB block.Not @
AntPool,Not CoinGeek,Not BitcoinCom.

Lot of talker,But Only one Doer.
Cry your heart out on memo.cash ;) Someone may emphatize
T-minus less than 12 hours till the BCH Stress test! You can like posts on memo.cash with 546 Satoshi to participate! You can also use https://www.scale.cash/ to help. https://stresstestbitcoin.cash/