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Yesterday 326511-326075=436 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈38.4%|abc(326495-326059=436,📈38.4%),sv(717599-717441=158,📉6.0%)
Why hasn't anyone made a bitcoin client called abcd? I mean this is such an incredible opportunity! Come on people, it's right there for the taking! Do I have to come up with everything?!
I think SV is doing a stress test to prove a point that they can make large blocks. They are not organic TXs from users. In fact they might not even be propagated, but directly mined.
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Yesterday 279059-278005=1054 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈41.3%
Yesterday 277259-276492=767 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈8.6%
SV hash growing. Looks like Calvin and Craig will force BITMAIN and other Chinese miners to make a move. Interested to see if Craig has 1mil BTC/BCH, and how far BITMAIN is willing to go to protect their 1mil BCH.
Yesterday 278005-277259=746 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉2.7%
Sounds little bit like a scam
Thank you @BitcoinCashHoarder for your tip of 150,000 satoshis. The balance now is 0.60170614 BCH. We are collecting funds for the next stress day!
Yesterday 256557-255831=726 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈6.3%
Bitcoin Unlimited testnet sees transaction level comparable to Visa’s network.

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Yesterday 249246-248369=877 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈0.9%
Yesterday 248369-247500=869 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈5.1%
Yesterday 232198-231281=917 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈1.1%
Yesterday 218736-217446=1290 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈18.2%
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Yesterday 214466-206010=8456 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈56.2%. Happy ending for stress test. Largest block is [email protected]#546104. Miners proc 2299222 tx in [#545964, #546104]. BCH are ready
A 21M (21,354,763 bytes) block was mined by an anonymous node.