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If one reads the Bitcoin defining white paper, and is honest with one’s self, it is clear that it is describing BCH, not BTC.
posted · 1 day ago
Memo.cash site has been under a DDoS login attack since about an hour ago. We've been tightening up firewall rules to mitigate. Sorry for any site slowness that has occurred.
Yesterday 152804-150632=2172 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈6.4%. Charts available at https://memo.cash/charts
I have to admit the CET hodling yields nice dividends. Less worries about crypto price fluctuation.
voted on poll Memoans · 2 days ago
created poll · 2 days ago
What are we users of memo protocol called?
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Yesterday 150632-148590=2042 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈20%. Charts available at https://memo.cash/charts . considering whether should I stop this recording???
posted · 2 days ago in memo
Memo has reached 150,000 on-chain actions
will there be alternative hosting / downloadable version of scale.cash so ddos on the host doesn't hamper our stresstest?
Yesterday 150632-148590=2042 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈20%. Charts available at https://memo.cash/charts . considering whether should I stop this recording???
Replying to Tom
's post

Was never contacted about this. But I'm testing it and they seem to all be showing? I'm only counting though, I can compare tx hashes later.

thanks, focus now is on scripts running smoothly. As they sharpen up we'll be able to get more accurate feedback on sending tests and seeing the results.
replied to post · 3 days ago
Replying to Dr Craig S Wright (Apollo.Pythian)
's post

Paper 760

Counting error. Not 759. 760

"Computer implemented method: Search"

Nobody is immune to off-by-one errors in computer science

Just picked up some Bitcoin Cash stickers off openbazaar!
Suprisngly easy to set up, and making the transaction was even easier. Good stuff, devs!
CET at top 20 by market cap!
replied to post · 4 days ago
Replying to TheWildCard
's post

Memo is only 3 months old.
Huge progress has been made,

Great work team @memo
THANK YOU for the constant upgrades,
here is shaping up to be a great platform.

Twitter is suffering,
it has a use-by date.

Glad you're liking memo :)
followed mrscatman
· 5 days ago
Whoa! Did you guys see this: https://bch.gg/8f? I got a shout out from Roger Ver. One of my happiest moments! Here is my post on yours about "babies are dying" topic: https://bch.gg/8g
I regularly see people move their preference from BTC to BCH - but i never see anyone change from BCH to BTC
Yesterday 142661-141459=1202 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈30.8%. There seems trolls sending garbages yesterday.
I just tried scale.cash, works fine!
Robinhood Adds Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin in Push to Expand Crypto

happy about this,
a bitcoincash url shortener

more space in memo posts :)))
Replying to FaggotTitan
's post

LN does work. I use it to buy coffee every now and then. Never a single payment failure. BCash is a broken solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

You have never used LN to buy coffee
Replying to FaggotTitan
's post

Lmao, you'll probably have to actually get a job when your BCash flatlines lolol

i have to congratulate you, you must be the most active BCH USER on memo, its always a pleasure to see new faces eager to use BCH as much as possible, knowing its fast cheap & reliable
scale.cash worked well for me - read what it says, wait for the initial fan out transactions for confirm and then it picks up speed.

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