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@tom PB it was I who send numerous low fee txs on-chain a few hours ago. Was unable to see them on either txstreet or cashdrop. Is there any info I can provide to help remediate the issue?
Loving dem scatman spikes
Market signals everyone! If we want to prove that BCH can do it all, this test is the first step. 10 million transactions per day!
This is going to be huge
Yes this is someone testing a proposed script for the stress test. I can't wait to test it myself, but with 1 satoshi fees!
A leaderboard will indicate which user clicked through their 100 transactions the fastest!
How about a game of Money Button Whack a mole? User pays $0.01 and gets 100 clicks. Each click generates a transaction.
Miners!! ARE YOU READY?????
That's a lotta transactions :-)
I'm thinking we could feature their site on the page and post several of our own arbitrary packages. We can also work with them to increase some of the limits :-)
I have reached out to see if they would be interested in participating in the stress test
I am testing it now. It's limited to 25 transactions per user per block, but if we bring the flood, it could generate a lot of traffic
Have you guys seen
We can probably get access to at least 50% of hash with little effort.
Can easily reach out to CSW, Roger Ver, will tweet at Jihan, and know a few others as well
I know a few
If possible we will reach out to all of the listed mining pools and try to get them to up their nodes to 32MB
and who is participating in Miners' Choice and accepting low dust and tiny fees
One thing I'd like to do is reach out to miners before hand and get a clear picture of what sort of fees we'll be dealing with
Nice!! That's great
That said, I don't have a whole lot of knowledge about the project yet, but will be learning quickly.
Therefore, I would like to introduce myself as the Stress Test Arrow Man. Need to know where to go? I will point you the way!
She has asked me to come on as something of a focal point to organise and direct and has given me free license to come up with my own title