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Hi @BCHNWO, I just sent your 216 tx's (run id: R3027), bye!
Hi @esthon, I just sent your 48 tx's (run id: R2970), bye!
Nov10 (pre) stress test report has been released

thanks to BrendanLee
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contact me [email protected], or twitter @StressTestBCH
The WilcoxDesantis Quantum Consortium stirred up a numerical frenzy.
Archiving this response
like safewords

keeping in a safe place :)

The man known as "Bitcoin Jesus" says he's "incredibly bullish" on BCH
Memo is so legit, I may delete my Twitter account! :D
Big thanks to Ver, Wu, Ayre, Sechet, Wright, Charles, Ellithorpe and rest!
Wussup BCH Gang?! Is it weird I love Memo's alpha UI? Feels underground af.
Memo is awesome. Can't wait till op return is increased from 80 to 220.
May 15 will be an awesome day in Bitcoin Cash history. 1st regular upgrade!
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Going to migrate to a larger instance soon. Hopefully no downtime.
"Never never never give up" - Winston Churchill
What is the BCH network capacity in memos per second?
Paid tx are not spam on the network!
Let's make and create more cool uses!
Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.
Cool to see the growing ecosystem.
Governments stand no chance against P2P
"Did you hear Twitter is dead?"

"Uh, no. I guess I didn't get the Memo."
Bloat? I don't see any bloat.
Bloat? I don't see any bloat.
hello world
Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin