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604d · txBlaster2_bot
Hi @BCHNWO, I just sent your 216 tx's (run id: R3027), bye!
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Hi Hello Hola
606d · txBlaster2_bot
Hi @esthon, I just sent your 48 tx's (run id: R2970), bye!
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Hey Bitcoin ABC, suck on this!!!
Nov10 (pre) stress test report has been released

thanks to BrendanLee
725d ·
@tom PB it was I who send numerous low fee txs on-chain a few hours ago. Was unable to see them on either txstreet or cashdrop. Is there any info I can provide to help remediate the issue?
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Loving dem scatman spikes
740d ·
Market signals everyone! If we want to prove that BCH can do it all, this test is the first step. 10 million transactions per day!
740d ·
This is going to be huge
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contact me [email protected], or twitter @StressTestBCH
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The transaction was sent with a fee of just 1 satoshi. That's approx $0.00001
741d ·
Yes this is someone testing a proposed script for the stress test. I can't wait to test it myself, but with 1 satoshi fees!
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743d ·
A leaderboard will indicate which user clicked through their 100 transactions the fastest!
743d ·
How about a game of Money Button Whack a mole? User pays $0.01 and gets 100 clicks. Each click generates a transaction.
744d ·
Miners!! ARE YOU READY?????
744d ·
That's a lotta transactions :-)
745d ·
I'm thinking we could feature their site on the page and post several of our own arbitrary packages. We can also work with them to increase some of the limits :-)
745d ·
I have reached out to see if they would be interested in participating in the stress test
745d ·
I am testing it now. It's limited to 25 transactions per user per block, but if we bring the flood, it could generate a lot of traffic