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18d · Bitcoin Cash
Another breaking change by BCH. Being forced to upgrade BCH node again...
Nothing quite like experiencing another country's silly laws to remind you that you've gotten too used to your own country's nonsense.
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Not everyone wants the rules of the system up for a vote every 12 months. I know that's controversial.
Happy upgrade day BCH!
ETH, BTC & EVM-clones - we're coming after you now!

#BullishAF #BCH #DeFi
Bitcoin is now Ethereum's L2

Litecoin is Bitcoin's L2

MWEB is Litecoin's L2

Take as long as you need to think about that and make sense of it 🧠🤔💡
Really fascinating chat with John Nieri on some more innovative stuff going on in the Bitcoin Cash world. Stabilization protocols are quite needed in crypto today.
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32d · us politics/trump
I was asking around for possible ukrainian counter attack date for a while. suddenly i now got this picture randomly anonymously from someone i dont know
Set out to chat with Scott about Coinbase threatening to sue the SEC, ended up throwing in a big long AI chat as well. Good stuff.
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I think all mammals would surely agree an even number is best.
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Nice profile pic btw.
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Had I a three handed wizardette, she would certainly rank among my most precious possessions.
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Sir, I must direct your attention to an expert, peer reviewed paper upon the subject https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1926230-two-soyjaks-pointing
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Chairs? Thou hast no need of chairs!
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white men are people too
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Bryan077 15UfNF
perfectly formed human hands
What's Going On? (Climate Edition) 👀

Got triggered by an article. Made a video. Enjoy.

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Just had staring contest with his 3rd cousin twice removed. something not right. He should run at site of humans. Walked with an unhealthy waddle too. May kill him next time I see him
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Oh ImageBot, you had ONE job…
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I think we’ve found our new Turing test
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perfectly formed human hands
Your daily reminder to use CoinJoin, Monero, Zcash shielded, MimbleWimble, Lelantus, whatever privacy tools you've got for your crypto.

Look those up if you need to and go down the rabbit hole. 😉