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Sam, appease my curiosity: Is there ANY controversial issue or event you don't align with, insofar as the mainstream/official narratives are concerned?
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I guess you could post pictures of your van. I'm interested in nomad life. This platform is a built as a use-case for BCH, which is inherently political, so as n00b says, attracts it.
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Ronald 2021 16fiZ6
stolen but appropriate meme
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good luck with that. The uncensorable nature of memo means it attracts topics and people who might otherwise find themselves censored. This is no bad thing, but it is rather niche.
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actually the literal opposite has proven quite effective in some cases https://odysee.com/@YoungRippa59:a/is-this-a-feel-good-story:4
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Ergo, those who have never set foot outside of their ivory towers are now the ones ‘in charge’.
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that is to say, the ‘life span’ from student to top academic is about 20yrs or so. It was about 20yrs ago that we started to see the ‘politicisation of everything’ begin…
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My suspicion, which i’ve heard repeated by far more leaned folk than myself, is that we are now 1 academic generation into when this all began…
Seems most people these days just want to rant about the latest conspiracy theory. Anybody here wants an intelligent conversation? - not political, not covid related. Humor me, please. The world has gone crazy!
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20yrs ago.. 'While the shortcomings of AOLs, private network are hard to miss, the alternative of a fully decentralized web with no authority raise far more concerns than it addresses'
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morons have apparently overrun Mensa now that IQ is regarded as a discriminatory membership requirement
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Great breakdown on why THORChain just clicked for me. Projects like this are going to be a huge pillar of the future economy.
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Wow that's something a communist country would do ....
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I heard the guy lost his job over this cartoon
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The exact opposite. Sorry if I ever teased you, I was just joking around. I am muting all your accounts now as this is just too painful even to watch. Seriously dude, get some help.
I was an immense honor to be on the Humans of Crypto with Eléonore Blanc! This is a quite-long personal deep-dive, and my favorite podcast I've done so far!
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You were not always like this.