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Astral projection, tassels on leather jackets, SpaceX. Maybe i’d even include Bitcoin (to polite but bemused shop keepers).
What was something you strongly advocated for in the past that now you're a bit embarrassed about?
Facebook chose today to remind me that I used to work for the Bush White House. Never would have expected I'd go from that to living on crypto.
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Someone should create a search engine free of fact checkers, mainstream news and 'official sources'
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Yesterday, there were
54475 txs on BCH chain, 216077 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=25.2%
1489532-1489329=203 memo txs, 📈72.0(compared w/ prev 118), account for 0.4% of all BCH txs
These Tracking Links Reveal A LOT About You

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Curious: do you profit from this (or plan to) or is it a labour of love? If Memo does generate revenue, how does it do it?
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wut is this?
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…starting with the pox
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The K is silent in Monkey Pox
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Well I have met my girlfriend in the flesh and then some. She still accuses me of being an emotionless machine. Go figure.
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Particularly Tolkien’s objections to ‘Allegory’ resonated with me. I believe our current objections to the woke ‘message’ extend beyond the political, now i understand why.
LOTR vs Dune. Not as pointless-click-baity as it sounds. While i disagree with some of his analysis, I did find it thought provoking.
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Yesterday, there were
53895 txs on BCH chain, 259008 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=20.8%
1488999-1488738=261 memo txs, 📈31.2(compared w/ prev 199), account for 0.5% of all BCH txs
Xolos Ramírez ⚡ (Ikal)


Almost everyone is lying and misrepresenting about everything. People's realities are radically different depending on their tribe

The only decent way to know anything for real these days is to experience it yourself
Okay just one more for now.... Just wanted to trigger some prudes lol
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https://i.imgur.com/v4dKGOt.png copy image address, so instead of https://imgur.com/a/15ydqdH use https:// i.imgur.com/v4dKGOt.png
Only works with imgur + a few others though
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For a brief and shining moment I actually believed they were going to take us to Mars. Instead they just shove more and more crap in to orbit. I feel deceived
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...By 'advocate' I took to loosely mean 'cheer-lead on social media'
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“You live a new life for every language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.”
– Czech proverb
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I kinda feel another graph with the absolute % in each category is necessary. e.g what % are fully vaxxed vs unvaxxed to begin with.