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craig dick-sucking session (n):

When the Craig Shills do live streams with Dr. Craig Wright and ask him rehearsed questions.

Coined by My2Centrist.
vanity block (n.):

A Bitcoin block created only to demonstrate that creating a significantly larger block is possible.

See also: Bitcoin SV
Right I'm off for a few hours doing the regular beach clean I attend. If I find anything interesting I'll stick up a picture. Last time I dug out a car steering wheel !!
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I recommended to BU officials not to tolerate people in their Slack who do not understand the line between responsible disclosure and extortion.
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Hello Memos. Do you have a stealth mode project going on?
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I use Memo primarily for notarizing stuff. The conversation and market features are an added bonus.

I've supported moving serious protocol discussion to Memo, still think it's better.
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The Memo token exchange protocol can be used for auction bidding, just need to build the front end for it.
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Thanks. Name & signup date are almost the same - at least you're using different profile pictures and descriptions
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I confirm the FreeTrade and myself are different persons :)

Thanks for clarifying, FreeTrade! 👍
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freetrader is a slightly different person. :) We get confused a lot. I'm FreeTrade. Also people can support Member just by using it, making suggestions and reporting bugs.
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Hash chain limits wouldn't be so bad if they applied to each user's bids, i.e scale with number of bidders.
Online auctions are an important part of price discovery for non-fungible items. is interesting, but uses hash chains.

For the record, I've taken no money from FVNI or Mr Allen. Nor am I "co-ordinated" by anyone. Use your free speech wisely.
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On the off chance that you receive this notice:

Please participate in the current BU vote.

Bitcoin Cash is open money for all.

Bitcoin Core is open money for elites.
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The account must be under control of a different person now.

How / why this happened is still unclear.
Rick Falkvinge takes a time-out...

If you read this, Rick, Thanks for all your contributions and I hope you'll recharge quickly!
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Guess you're still spending that money to post on Memo though XD
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CBDB is no better at all, it just takes a brief look at his posting history.
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What color do you prefer for the Bitcoin Cash logo?
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