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replied · 38d
No, that's from 1 user. He's been spamming memo for hours, check the 'everyone' feed.
· 37d · Tokens
If anyone notices tokens missing from their profile please let me know. There have been a few reports recently, trying to get to the bottom of it.
· 46d
Jered Kenna coming back to crypto. He's an OG and I think he's got a soft spot for BCH. Please get him on memo!
· 46d
Hello everyone! It's nice to be back. Thanks for all the tokens you've given me!
replied · 46d
Thanks, I'm embarassed I didn't see that document before but it answers my question perfectly!
replied · 47d
Have a look at the readme here, for the closest thing to a roadmap. I'll be writing a update memorandum on B
· 47d · Member
Do you see the backend being open-sourced and people being able to run their own Member backend servers, for privacy?
· 47d · Member
I had a look at the Github issues, and I saw some issues related to backend.

About that, I'd like to ask a question about the direction you see for Member in the future :)
replied · 48d
Thinking out loud about some yes/no type questions:

#1: do you support a long term coexistance of BTC and BCH coins?

replied · 62d
I have been calling for more transactions, bigger ops, bigger blocks, higher defaults, and more stress on the network. I'll explain why.

1. The BCH story is that we're the big blo
replied · 62d
ith a lot of capacity, you need to pay for a lot more transactions to DOS the BCH network if it is operating at a higher capacity.

More transactions on BCH? I say, 'Bring it on'.
· 62d
I want to step back & appreciate the quality and quantity of work coming out of @BitcoinCom. The impact we're having from mining, dev tools, merchant services, games, apps, exchanges, R&D, marketing and ambassadorship
· 60d
I think for the BMP to take off, it needs a question that SHA256 miners themselves would want to have an answer to.

(BMP: see
replied · 65d
craig dick-sucking session (n):

When the Craig Shills do live streams with Dr. Craig Wright and ask him rehearsed questions.

Coined by My2Centrist.
· 65d
vanity block (n.):

A Bitcoin block created only to demonstrate that creating a significantly larger block is possible.

See also: Bitcoin SV
· 66d
Right I'm off for a few hours doing the regular beach clean I attend. If I find anything interesting I'll stick up a picture. Last time I dug out a car steering wheel !!
replied · 66d
· 66d
I recommended to BU officials not to tolerate people in their Slack who do not understand the line between responsible disclosure and extortion.
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created poll · 67d
Hello Memos. Do you have a stealth mode project going on?
Yes 2 votes · 0 satoshis
No 1 votes · 0 satoshis
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replied · 67d
I use Memo primarily for notarizing stuff. The conversation and market features are an added bonus.

I've supported moving serious protocol discussion to Memo, still think it's better.
replied · 67d
The Memo token exchange protocol can be used for auction bidding, just need to build the front end for it.
replied · 68d
Thanks. Name & signup date are almost the same - at least you're using different profile pictures and descriptions
replied · 68d
I confirm the FreeTrade and myself are different persons :)

Thanks for clarifying, FreeTrade! 👍
replied · 68d
freetrader is a slightly different person. :) We get confused a lot. I'm FreeTrade. Also people can support Member just by using it, making suggestions and reporting bugs.
replied · 68d
Hash chain limits wouldn't be so bad if they applied to each user's bids, i.e scale with number of bidders.