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replied · 2d
Look at all those poor folks queuing for the BTC buses :-D
replied · 2d
I love getting in that BCH bus :)
Thanks @revofever for restarting the TxStreet node, that BCH mempool is looking much better now!
TxStreet, your BCH data (mempool size) is still wrong and its giving the wrong visualization impression (there are no 7 full buses in reality - txs can get in the next block w/o problems).

Reboot that node :-)
replied · 4d
Bought a CGTOW. Please distribute proceeds as follows:
0.25 BCH each to bitprim and bcash
0.5 BCH to Flowee
replied · 4d
Is it possible to split the donation for a token over multiple projects?
Good work TxStreet, you made progress clearing out 3MB of stuck mempool data - now just 6MB remaining that don't exist in BCH reality ;-)

Bitcoin Cash peeps should be entering the first bus right now.
replied · 4d
Mempool on BCH is clearing fine right now in reality.
TxStreet mempool size for BCH is way higher than on my node, which agree roughly with Johoe.

How do you guys arrive at ~15x the current mempool size (>9MB vs <0.6MB)?
replied · 4d
Thanks for your contribution – payment proof is on memo
replied · 4d
LOL, saw your reply on :-D

Purchased! for Bitcoin Verde please.
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replied · 4d
I'll take you up on that token sale ;-)

Do I get to choose which project you donate the proceeds to?
· 8d
Thank you so much everyone for showing a welcoming community we have here on Memo.Cash. On Facebook, there's no chance we can have 17.69 Pesos. Enjoy a great experience with CRYPTO. #memo
This is a portrait study that I did of Queen Daenerys “Mother of Dragons”. I wanted to practice drawing hair... She has soooooo much hair lol
· 9d
Me & my friend Angel. Introducing her how Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash works. Telling her how can also substitute twitter. Show some LOvE everyone! Thanks!
This, in a nutshell, is why people like CSW will continue to be able to con others.

Fun question to ask BTC hodlers:

- So, how much are BTC fees going to be when you plan to cash out? Do you have an idea?

Namecheap Lets You Buy a Domain and Host Your Website With Bitcoin Cash
replied · 19d
replied · 19d
· 19d
Funded my BCH wallet with $12.45 from my blog earnings on publish0x.
replied · 21d
Or is he secretly a Craig Wright & Calvin Ayre fan?
replied · 21d
What's Tone on about Bitcoin holders suing "altcoin creators" in case they (BTC'ers) lose their life savings?

Was someone making sure he has access to all his meds?
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