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replied · 4h
good write up & explanation. It looks clunky & the presentation was goofy but if they could communicate these ideas I'd be more on board.
· 7h · Tesla
For a better look at the truck, and some info on its design. https://www.motortrend.com/news/tesla-cybertruck-electric-pickup-engineering-manufacturing/
replied · 6h
No, we need an USDT and BTC collapse.
replied · 5h
We need adoption, development and use.
· 1d
Crazy 😅

· 1d
replied · 22h
lol every time!🌯
· 1d · Strange Planet
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· 3d · US Politics/Trump
How is LightRider still here posting propaganda?
· 3d · Bitcoin
Woo: Bitcoin “won’t repeat past halvings” https://cointelegraph.com/news/willy-woo-8k-bearish-bitcoin-price-in-unique-setup-before-halving lol everybody's starting to get it.
· 4d
Anyone miss me? #dailymemo
· 4d
And for the record, no i don't think I'll pick back up on the capitalism thread. That shit really wore me out. Like a wise man, Elon Musk once said "no use arguing with chimp"

Aside from a comment every now and then
· 4d
There are a few people that went dark around the time i did give or take a hundred days. kokansei, ex·cre·ment, yoonski etc. I wonder why they left?
· 4d · Bitcoin
Store of Value lol
replied · 27d
The Galt Right
Sales tax is the fairest. People pay when they spend. The wealthy spend more so they pay more.
· 13d · Capitalism
LightRider: according the amount and quality of your comments, you surely doing anything useful to the society besides selling your demented propaganda in your free time, in your...
· 15d · Capitalism
LightRider: Capitalists made Boeing, Intel, Commodore, AMD, VIA, Microsoft, Bayer AG, VW, Mercedes, Audi, TATA, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Samsung. Capitalists invented printing, and paper...
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· 12d · Educational
Neutron Stars, and their role in creating the heavier elements.
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· 15d
Facebook Will Start Asking For A Selfie To Verify Your Identity
replied · 15d
Who could be stronger? The federal reserve, or the 256 bit encryption?
· 15d
replied · 24d
I just ask people who say that, "Where do new dollars come from?"