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if those people were still working in factories, you'd complain about the conditions, or the low wage.
lr, have you posted anything positive here? seems every post is trying to tear someone down. (just remembered your few posts about Ross Ulbricht)
Claptone - Wrong
oh well if it’s “been done before” it’s totally useless & we can dismiss it. Should tell that to google in 1998. or tell every alt coin that BTC "already did it".
still dont agree with you, but good luck 🚀
can you build a minimum viable product or are you looking for people to discuss it with? I'd just post it & see who gravitates to it.
sherry, was wondering how your pursuit was going. were you able to file a FOIA? was that even the correct course of action?
Dissenter.com opens any URL to free speech commentary. What if Memo.cash came up with something similar? Imagine, true censorship resistant commentary on any URL.
gab releases Dissenter app. Now you can comment on every website
it being everything
it wasnt always this political was it?
Sam, really hate how politics has to infect every aspect of life. makes everything so decisive. So easy to try to force through policies, but politics is often (always?) zero sum.
& you think that is equivalent to controlling the flow of information in an entire country?
Oh I get it. by “attack” you mean fairly criticize for ignoring to core principles of journalism.
Bionic Subwoofers & A Bag Of Wasabi Chips (Original Mix) - Bjorn Torwellen
"attacked the press" the same press that keeps lying yet still all have press passes to the white house... if critical tweets are the worst attacks, their lives are pretty easy.
proof basketball's are flat using a nikon p900
havent seen it yet. I'll watch it when I need a good laugh. do you think they actually believe it or they've found it's a way to make easy money?
wow lr making fun of people who stab their own dick. so transphobic! how dare you assume their gender.
wow as big of a bombshell as the buzzfeed piece from last month! https://www.rt.com/usa/449158-buzzfeed-trumo-cohen-no-evidence/
is english your second language? your comprehension is poor.
the conversation evolved lr. you were too busy updating your twitter circle jerk