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Depression tends to bring everyone down. Some are sympathetic, initially, but the low mood makes it difficult. Nowadays, I keep everyone at arm’s length go to avoid the pattern.
10h · bch adoption
41d · Censorship
Its just ... I spend sooo much times in meeting rooms...i just couldnt spend this beautiful day in one again! Lol i hope you understand...
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Choose Your Own Moderator
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decentralized Reddit using the Memo protocol). I won't bore you with all the technical details, but they allow anyone to moderate any topic (a topic is like a subreddit) and you can
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It does. You have to link them from imgur.
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I've seen this quote attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Cant wait for everything to be anchored on-chain so we can have proper attribution.
Man, I'm getting too many unsolicited shit-tokens. I had been returning them to sender. Is there a token burn address somewhere?
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why not just let them accumulate? Making it tough to find the ones you want or you just don't like looking at them? (I've given up trying to know what they're all for.)
33d · US Politics/Trump
33d · US Politics/Trump
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like the idea of this topic. think it would be stronger to include quotes from some of these accounts/people.
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how is it possible to fuck mars up?
David Hasselhoff
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weird thing is my alarm clock on my cell phone for some reason doesn't sound off and I have bought two alarm clocks that run on batteries. But nothing works. Nothing alarms
I think i will buy bch today
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also seems like the same few people saying the same few things
The Memo community, to an extent has turned into quite a shit show.
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Idk, this might just be the most ironic shit I've heard all day. Thinking it's a conspiracy that shit can't be deleted on the internet, posted on a blockchain you cannot delete from.
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I don't think that's a problem, as the front-end would display the last version.
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46d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
Donald Trump doesn't rape and murder children Trump 2020
44d · US Politics/Trump
Some "Russians" set up a few FB posts and that's election meddling. A bunch of dual citizen Jews struggling to impeach the president...