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13d · bitcoin cash
A wallet without a usable OP_RETURN function
is like a bird without wings.
15d · Capitalism
Many the of old school famous Liberal Icons were/are racist demagogues, who did black face, used racial slurs and opposed Civil Rights in 1964.

They only changed their tune recently to keep relevant in the new Left.
25d · US Politics/Trump
@LightRider how much money (in US Dollars) did you waste bashing Trump and Republicans on Memo?
32d · favorite quotes
“We are our choices.” – Jean-Paul Sartre
White men are people too
57d · Censorship
I think this merits another post (the one above has a botched link). Claim on teh interwebz is all (?) youtube bitcoin channels are being shadowbanned.
57d · Capitalism
This trash is still shitting the topic.
57d · Capitalism
Yup, LightRider is very likely the only reason Memo got a mute function. LightRider made a censorship less platform require a way to shut people up.
White men are people too
74d · Censorship
The following video is not censored on youtube for not following the WHO narrative on Covid-19: https://lbry.tv/Dr.-Erickson-COVID-19-Briefing:e1
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Awww, does somebody need a snickers boar?
replied 88d
It is not our economic system that is violent. I understand governments and economic systems are bot all that detached, but right now it doesn't seem violent.
110d · COVID-19
109d · Coronavirus
It will play out differently though since it isn't a vague economic issue, but some threat that can be named and pointed at. It will make he recovery go differently.
replied 110d
We will overcome it, I am strongly positive about it. It depends on our individual actions as well. Economies will return to the growth in few years.
111d · Member
Member is now member.cash - please update your links. Thanks again to @DavidShares for his very generous acquisition and donation of the domain name.
I hope everyone has a nice day, stay clean...don't believe the extreme hype up and the convienience of this virus...it may very well be a staged event...
Life has an inexhaustible supply of problems, but a very small and finite set of solutions.
How soon do you think till the US starts printing out money and dishing it out to americans? 3-4 weeks?
A special thanks to everyone for supporting the BCH blockchain
impeach trump again?
134d · Capitalism
@LightRider looks like bot, this topic is just a monologue "fuck the fuckingcapitalists" and nothing more
Back in the game after more than a year :)
Happy to see that Memo is still ongoing :D
White men are people too
136d · Resource Based Economy
It is worth reminding people here that LR is a spambot type person who does not care about truth, but is ok with inciting violence. More people should do it now and then I suppose
139d · US Politics/Trump
You know who benefits from pushing the bullshit narrative that all social media is untrustworthy and full of Russian lies? The dying and increasing irrelevant legacy mainstream media.
replied 139d
do you promote member on more mainstream sites? I've found it difficult to get people to switch/try/or care about actual censorship resistant sites