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replied · 4d
There is a search function on the posts pages: https://memo.cash/posts/new
replied · 4d
use search engines with limiting the results from https://memo.cash
replied · 4d
ahh thanks!
replied · 4d
sweet thanks!
Trump's Statements Are Racist, But We Don't Know Why - Sargon of Akkad
replied · 5d
cant explain how it's racist, can you lr?
but how is it racist?
replied · 5d
IPFS is still trustless right?
replied · 5d
I'd prefer that stuff on IPFS, not on the BCH blockchain.
replied · 5d
Unfortunately yes it would be. Someone else suggested a BCH backed stablecoin as a possible work around. Standardized exchange APIs could help by allowing choice by merchants.
Ok.... So there should be a Bitcoin emoji (B)
When are we getting trustless, native image uploading?
Lawmakers Target Pentagon Pedophiles With Bipartisan Child Porn Bill https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-03/lawmakers-target-pentagon-pedophiles-bipartisan-child-porn-bill
IDOL - The Terrifying Reality of Perfect Blue - Beyond Ghibli
the dramatic changes in how ledgers are kept may have the potential of significantly changing the structure of financial services.” – 08/23/16 Price on quote date $580.94
Haruhiko Kuroda GOVERNOR, BANK OF JAPAN “Given that the development of financial services has been supported by ledgers as the basic infrastructure for information,
How Animators Created the Spider-Verse | WIRED
replied · 6d
like the idea, but IIRC the challenge is the fiat conversion right? because of all the AML/KYC laws? wouldnt the exchange be a middleman/centralized point of failure?
sometimes I cant remember if I've posted something before (like quotes). is there a good search function for the whole chain or at least my post history? would that be easy to do?
how can we make sure that memo.cash is censorship resistant long term? how many servers are running it and how do we route the requests?
#memo I would love to host another memo, simply with a different UI & UX, would you like to review the code on github & help me set up the server? Any chat where we could communicate?
isnt wewo a fork? how did they get started? did they copy memo or just build from the ground up?
It is easy to become confused with lack of knowledge.