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You should study the Holodomor if you don't know what Marxist Bolsheviks are.
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Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
Always have to choose who to listen to. I look forward to inverted curation where we can design or delegate our filters.
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What is your dataset that makes you conclude that there is a larger proportion of "covidiots" in the BCH community than in other crypto communities? The truth is not black and white
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pretty racist to call it a mental health problem😬
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Technically https://memo.cash is incompatible with GDPR: the right to be forgotten - you cannot delete memos - memo could only provide an option to hide memos or accounts (data still exists on-chain)
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With so many conflicts of interest and so much freedom at stake I’d prefer to second guess everything pushed by the establishment. Same as global warming.
142d · covid-19
Should we ignore WHO changing the definitions of herd immunity and pandemic? Should we pretend fat people aren’t at higher risk of dying from covid?
142d · covid-19
it looks like much of what BitcoinNational is posting here are primary source guidelines, stats, and numbers.
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Sorry for being rude I am passionate about the censorship thing.
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I ought to be free to choose this ‘mod’ and leave them for a different ‘mod’ at any time. This would keep them honest & their interests aligned with mine.
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choose to tip someone else who already has a list of muted people or who has sorted through posts and presented me with the most relevant, interesting, cool, etc.
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Haha love the passion. I also hate censorship. That’s why I think we need a uncensorable base layer but I dont want to have to mute everyone myself. I’d prefer to
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> choose a mod to filter posts for you
Actually I think this is the model of the future. Delegated moderation. Lat anyone speak and let me pay someone to mute antivaxxer shit.
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yeah, delegated moderation. I like that name

archive link --> https://archive.is/JufVX
161d · Censorship
Youtube deletes interview by Newsmax with Trump because he mentions the "stolen election"
148d · Censorship
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If they no longer filter how you want you could go to a competing mod. & on a platform like memo they could be paid for their efforts.
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Mods do keep out spam tho. Would be cool to allow all posts (like on memo) then be able to choose a mod to filter posts for you. (e.g. things you agree with, challenge you, etc.)
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