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10d · COVID-19
9d · Coronavirus
It will play out differently though since it isn't a vague economic issue, but some threat that can be named and pointed at. It will make he recovery go differently.
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We will overcome it, I am strongly positive about it. It depends on our individual actions as well. Economies will return to the growth in few years.
11d · Member
Member is now member.cash - please update your links. Thanks again to @DavidShares for his very generous acquisition and donation of the domain name.
I hope everyone has a nice day, stay clean...don't believe the extreme hype up and the convienience of this virus...it may very well be a staged event...
Life has an inexhaustible supply of problems, but a very small and finite set of solutions.
How soon do you think till the US starts printing out money and dishing it out to americans? 3-4 weeks?
A special thanks to everyone for supporting the BCH blockchain
21d · US Politics/Trump
impeach trump again?
34d · Capitalism
@LightRider looks like bot, this topic is just a monologue "fuck the fuckingcapitalists" and nothing more
Back in the game after more than a year :)
Happy to see that Memo is still ongoing :D
White men are people too
36d · Resource Based Economy
It is worth reminding people here that LR is a spambot type person who does not care about truth, but is ok with inciting violence. More people should do it now and then I suppose
39d · US Politics/Trump
You know who benefits from pushing the bullshit narrative that all social media is untrustworthy and full of Russian lies? The dying and increasing irrelevant legacy mainstream media.
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do you promote member on more mainstream sites? I've found it difficult to get people to switch/try/or care about actual censorship resistant sites
Have you tried "member" yet? Its like memo meets reddit and so far its looking very promising. With all the censorship going on, Reddit's days are numbered.
Try member at:
Lol im so happy i no longer date that girl! She is beast now lol!! Blubber everywhere!! Tattoos has stretch marks...stanky stank lolololo
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Wall St today like: "Put those fucking sick Chinese back in the Apple sweat shops already or they won't meet Q1 projections!!!"
Both political parties are brought together by their hatred for Bitcoin.
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try drinking coffee instead
Quitting caffeine is a lot more difficult than I initially thought
If there is a fork, what happens to the tokens? Will they be forked too?
44d · Agorism
3D printed gun resources. https://cantstopthesignal.link/
replied 45d
They just wanna mimmic traits of the blockchain idea, take their assets away from a stock market and transfer them to a blockchain bank
So its pretty easy to see what happened at yesterdays conference...companies like the idea of blockchain, but simply want to do their own version
replied 45d
Is this because they need/want functions that current chains do not have? or current chain protocols are not stable enough? or because they want centralized control over the chain?