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All things change in a dynamic environment. 💿


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left cant meme. & need to be told how to properly punch. lol what a joke. & its super problematic that wonder woman is white & cis. comic is saying trans POC aren't strong enough to punch nazis. smh
❤️❤️❤️thanks! cool application of bitdb.
Actually we have gave through defenses of capitalism. Demonstrated with examples from history, and present day. You seem to refuse to respond to any of it and instead jump to other issues.
yeah, think we'll have to get creative with optional filters at the individual level to increase signal to noise.
What do you think of having an easy way to see people’s previous profile names? Do you like being able to change name or want to keep track of who is who?
lol "some people" 😜
I think listening to diverse opinions is useful, but some people swamp the feed. It would be great just to see occasional msg from them to see what they're currently on about.
I've had this idea before. Maybe have users be able to use a slider that sets a threshold of "activity" (likes, replies, etc.) another users post needs to appear on their feed.
there's an export your key button under your account. was a screencap floating around here how to import your key into electron cash.
love the site, esp. the recent collection of NPC memes. any way you could integrate this topic into your site, or one topic per post? maybe with bitdb?
Craziest sky I have ever seen right before a sick thunderstorm!
It's a gold mine for miner's fees.
What is this place? A salt mine?
"If you knew how much work went into it, you would not call it genius." - Michelangelo
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The second a Bitcoin miner hooks up with these guys the world will change https://www.teamscotia.com
was it superior in the 1800s?
“We all move on the fringes of eternity and are sometimes granted vistas through fabric of illusion." - Ansel Adams
& conservatives want to ban twitter & facebook bc muh monopoly. gov is not your personal bludgeon. there are people in society/market that will do things you dont like. get over it.
thats not how diversity works. more variability in options now (even the ones you dont like) results in faster adaptation to a changing environment.
no meant literally higher wind speeds being bad for wind mills & more moisture/clouds/rain in the air being bad for solar panels.
So by all means force developing nations to stop using it.
No, you are convinced they need to fail and you feel entitled to tell the rest of us what is good for us. Fossil fuels are the easiest tech to become developed.
banning the practice now limits future knowledge.