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if one has a competitive edge over the other (eg maybe drug abstainers are more productive) it will win out in the long term.
should also mention morality varies across individuals so what is immoral to someone may be moral to another (eg drugs). these co-exist in capitalism/free market.
you know how to spend bezos' money better than him?
the people choosing to work there?
but this action will impact their reputation & catch up with them. Reputation improves quality. https://silkroaddrugs.org/drugs-from-darknet-markets-are-higher-in-purity-report-says/
However if society on average values humanity more, then this behavior will be selected against in the long run. This means people can cheat in the short term
True, it could be the case that someone chooses profit over humanity. If society on average finds this moral, then this behavior will continue.
Capitalism/free market provides what individuals in society want more efficiently than other systems (there is minimal waste going to regulation).
The incentives line up so that actors pursuing their own interests (profits/preferences) in aggregate causes human flourishing. Road to hell paved with good intentions.
like r/pol right?
The lack of forwardslash in the topic title is triggering my autism
https://memo.cash/topic/+%2Fpol%2F allows for longer comments to be posted
oh lol. only know the thunderdome reference from a meme & current media referencing it :(
In fact, more people abstained than voted for either candidate. 100,542,525 = 229,989,364 adults - 69,498,516 obama - 59,948,323 mccain
obama was also elected with a minority 69,498,516 / 304,100,000 in 2008.
I dont know that reference.
yep. good example
Yes. Really the only way to lower entropy of a system is to increase universal entropy. Refrigeration is a good example. Lower entropy in the fridge increases it in the home.
they choose to have this trial in the court of public opinion. Though they’re using the 1970s playbook. The internet is a thunderdome compared to their controlled media outlets.
yeah agree. even now people dont really care about grudges their parents had against other countries. why would people have such long distance allegiances?
Without FTL travel I doubt there can be a galactic civilisation. Just a bunch of infependant solar civilisations. Even a K2 civilisation would be more like a bunch of separate nations.
Or just show the last few characters of the address like they do on mttr.app
So I would argue that it is best to not hint towards users being anonymous here. Random characters and blank profiles is
You might want ot repost your suggestion here https://memo.cash/topic/Memo+Suggestions
& the tweet you shared compares the views of individuals in groups. very easy and meaningless to find contradictory views in groups of individuals.