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59d · Capitalism
Yuri Bezmenov former kgb agent explains how communists succesfully undermining the usa
The universe was made to be seen.
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93d · Favorite Quotes
There are two types of people in this world; people who want to be left alone, and people who won't leave them the fuck alone. - Gavin McInnes
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Awesome! Please add something so you can include metadata such as title, author, publish date, ISBN, genre, tags etc. Do you have an ETA?
119d · Capitalism
WTF!? This commie cretin LightRider is still here? Move to Venezuela, or N Korea, you dumb pinko fuck. Fuck you, fuck ANTIFA and fuck BLM - in other words, fuck Marxism & all you Marxist losers
154d · bitcoin cash
A wallet without a usable OP_RETURN function
is like a bird without wings.
156d · Capitalism
Many the of old school famous Liberal Icons were/are racist demagogues, who did black face, used racial slurs and opposed Civil Rights in 1964.

They only changed their tune recently to keep relevant in the new Left.
166d · US Politics/Trump
@LightRider how much money (in US Dollars) did you waste bashing Trump and Republicans on Memo?
172d · favorite quotes
“We are our choices.” – Jean-Paul Sartre
White men are people too
198d · Censorship
I think this merits another post (the one above has a botched link). Claim on teh interwebz is all (?) youtube bitcoin channels are being shadowbanned.
198d · Capitalism
This trash is still shitting the topic.
198d · Capitalism
Yup, LightRider is very likely the only reason Memo got a mute function. LightRider made a censorship less platform require a way to shut people up.
White men are people too
215d · Censorship
The following video is not censored on youtube for not following the WHO narrative on Covid-19: https://lbry.tv/Dr.-Erickson-COVID-19-Briefing:e1
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Awww, does somebody need a snickers boar?
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It is not our economic system that is violent. I understand governments and economic systems are bot all that detached, but right now it doesn't seem violent.
250d · COVID-19
250d · Coronavirus
It will play out differently though since it isn't a vague economic issue, but some threat that can be named and pointed at. It will make he recovery go differently.
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We will overcome it, I am strongly positive about it. It depends on our individual actions as well. Economies will return to the growth in few years.
252d · Member
Member is now member.cash - please update your links. Thanks again to @DavidShares for his very generous acquisition and donation of the domain name.
I hope everyone has a nice day, stay clean...don't believe the extreme hype up and the convienience of this virus...it may very well be a staged event...
Life has an inexhaustible supply of problems, but a very small and finite set of solutions.
How soon do you think till the US starts printing out money and dishing it out to americans? 3-4 weeks?
A special thanks to everyone for supporting the BCH blockchain