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replied · 116d
brawndo's got what plants crave. it's got electrolytes🥤
Do meth and alcohol every single day, also smoke cigarettes. Drink no water, only energy drinks and move as little as possible, no vegetables, no sun so you get a vitamin D deficiency
replied · 137d
Well women are tindering around nowadays and there's probably a few men who are actually successful on that app.
How smart were these sons of bitches?
So this is your referral link? Nice try.
Why are they alien comics? It's just comics about normal people except that they look like aliens.
I don't know how effective adoption is for every day products. You need some sort of killer product or feature that requires you to obtain BCH. Something like what drug stores did to early BTC
replied · 221d
I think currently it is technologically reasonable to make the blocks a bit faster. But what happens to the mining? Wouldn't increase the BCH supply faster and we're halving sooner?
I hope they find some aliens D:
unfollowed · 233d
BSV supporters sound as religous as BTC supporters, kinda worrisome.
unfollowed · 246d
I think Hoarder has made it his full time job to pump SV on this forum lol.
Then stop using a BCH website
replied · 257d
Wow, beautiful what CSW has done to this community. We were already small, now we are even smaller.
But I honestly wish Memo's forums were a little bit more extensive, maybe you can create longer posts if you merge the characters from multiple transactions
Maybe someone needs to advertise the existence of Memo, it's gonna cost something but there are probably people that would appreciate such a platform and be worth it in the long run.
But you need to sell something really unique otherwise people have no reason to acquire BCH. I still think we need some sort of service that doesn't realy exist anywhere else. No idea.
replied · 262d
Yeah, not very impressive gains. I have always liked Coinex their website works really well but this whole thing apparently didn't work out too well. I'll keep waiting for now.
How can we create more demand for BCH and increase its value? Any ideas?
Yeah its kinda weird how Coinex said they were gonna pay out dividends but are not doing so.
replied · 262d
The price can only stabilize when the majority of coins are distributed between people. We need to create more demand for BCH first.
It's more likely that the CIA kickstarted the FE movement as a psy-op
Government agencies certainly don't always speak the truth, but lying about the shape of the Earth, that's a waste of time