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Now is the time to get new bags of BCH
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I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

- George Bernard Shaw
I don't think very many people realize that if Jihan does not come in to defend's blocks they'll lose every single satoshi they mined today.

Also BTC difficulty will adjust in about 20 hours. #hashwar
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I have no intention to be a future billionaire, although I know BCH is number #1.
CET +22% in USD value, any reason for that? It was clearly oversold.
This is it, hold onto your seats and hope everyone made a wise decision in the type of coin your holding. This is a make it or break it for cryptocurrency
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To take the data down you have to take the entire currency down. This is extremely powerful.
Wow we're at 177k onchain actions...


thank you,
these handcash $handles make me so happy.
Great Reddit comment: "The closer these people - devs - get to the code, the further they want to stray from Bitcoin Cash's aims. It's like some enchanted runic script which maddens all those who read it."
Who dares, one BCH gift?
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Bootable CD + retro game
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If one reads the Bitcoin defining white paper, and is honest with one’s self, it is clear that it is describing BCH, not BTC.
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Does the stress test on September 1st will succeed at maxing out Bitcoin Cash and create 32 mb blocks?
Yes 24 votes · 4,212 satoshis
No 3 votes · 0 satoshis
I'm not aware of any stress test 0 votes · 0 satoshis


this ant was very small
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I've heard people praise Kraftwerk before but I've never listened to them myself until very recently. Absolutely blows my mind that this kind of music was made 40 years ago.
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With sound money all this automation will mean more wealth and easier lifestyle for everyone. With BCH as the money system someone else "making money" also makes you money.
Yesterday 150632-148590=2042 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈20%. Charts available at . considering whether should I stop this recording???
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Memo has reached 150,000 on-chain actions
This is a real statement, and I 100% Stand behind it.