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Bye Bye BSV, welcome back Bitcoin Cash™
Shocked to see that Memo supports SV. Joined early but this.... no words.
Now is the time to get new bags of BCH
Who dares, one BCH gift?
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Bootable CD + retro game
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COINEX NEWS: Deposit and withdrawal of NASH are now available in CoinEx and we will later launch NASH/BCH, NASH/BTC and NASH/ETH trading pairs at 14:00 July 15th, 2018 (UTC).
Another successful day for the Bitcoin Cash based CoinEX exchange. Check them out, various promotions coming in the next month's.
On it's way to 1$ :)
Like if you support CoinEX, the Bitcoin Cash based exchange giving daily dividends to it's users!
Adoption tip of the day: Visit /r/Coinex/ to grow the BCH based exchange community!
The pro Bitcoin Cash exchange CoinEX is awesome! Fast deposits and is sharing revenue with users every 24 hours if you hold some CET. Try it, you will be amazed. The backing company ViaBTC is loyal
Been using Bitcoin Cash more frequently, really feels good to utilize 0-conf. It's soo much better than Bitcoin Legacy (Core). Simple is better than complex.
DAILY ADVICE: Accumulate Bitcoin Cash
NEWS: The legacy chain is dying.

It's spiky weather, another +10% BCH day
NEWS: Max Verstappen wins the Austrian F1GP for Red Bull Racing!
NEWS: Today Bitcoin Cash appreciated by +15% upto 764 USD.
NEWS: Coingeek and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have made an impressive move this week – they’ve partnered with BAMMA, the UK’s largest MMA promotion. The BAMMA Fight Night, takes place in London on Thursday June 28, 2018
@solitude: Got time to return the 1 mil? Thx
@solitude: please return the 1 mil, thx :)
NEWSITEM: Rare wildfire raging in Northern England

Banks need replacement