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· 11d
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) dominates Australia!
Wages and Salaries are now paid via cryptocurrencies.
· 14d
BCH can now be used to pay for booze during clubbing! Awesome! Check it out.
· 18d
I'll probably create a run-down of the hottest crypto developers nowadays and I'm pretty sure to put #RKV to be on top of my list. A video blog post that I should create one of these days!
replied · 18d
Hahaha seems like I'll drown in-between!
· 18d
10 Reasons why Bitcoin Cash BCH is so awesome!
By RKV himself
· 18d
10 Reasons why Bitcoin Cash BCH is so awesome!
By RKV himself
replied · 26d
Quite impossible these days though.
· 26d
Earn 5,000 Friendster Tokens Everytime someone would register under your link.
1.0 FSTR = 0.002 TRX (Tron) with DEX already.
Plus earn from the things you do on social media!
· 26d
Any 200% triumph you had recently with trading?
replied · 38d
Yeah we can be. What country are you from?
replied · 38d
Oh really? I have also thought of that way back! Thanks for this.
sent · 100,000 sats · 39d
For my acct in Bitsler. Come play with me and let's multipky our BCH here!
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· 39d
replied · 40d
Alright, try this one instead :) EARN Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with FREE 100 Credits given!
· 40d
Trusted Legit and Reliable Way To EARN Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with our FREE 100 Credits given!
· 40d
McAfee DEX, anyone?

John McAfee’s new decentralized exchange will launch today.
0.25% fee imposed on market takers in the future.
· 40d
Double your BTC per click!
You can also use BCH to convert it to BTC for less fee.
Minimum withdraw is 0.0003 BTC.
Trusted paying since Y2015
Just don't be greedy.
· 44d
Hello everyone! It's nice to be back. Thanks for all the tokens you've given me!
· 53d
Local merchants for online shopping with shipping can now integrate Bitcoin Cash as payments. Getting better each day!
replied · 53d
Probably we still lack miners for Bitcoin Cash. Is it running smoothly now?
· 53d
Instead of ranting out why crypto price plunged 22% deep, why not GAIN MORE BCH and make the most out of it once the price pumps back again!
replied · 55d
This was the hype they were spreading but apparently btc still stays the same. Though it's a lot of time given to everyone else to buy alts & btc itself preparing for another bull-run.
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· 55d
HTC phones integrated the use of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). With RKV, Aska & Corbin discuss the process itself. Check it out.