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· 3d
The simplest analogy of what trading is all about was explained by our very own Roger K. Very.
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that's still happening all the time and the medium they use is Telegram!
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100% aware of that! Keep it up buddy!
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I am among the top 10 memo users with the most followers!
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Time for us to buy BCH more from the LTC that we sold hahahaha! Makes sense right?
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Oh sorry I was not able to attend. Let me know when would be your next meetup even over the net. Shows here on my end that we do have a connection of 31%
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Each percentage point of reputation level
earns one free beer or coffee if you attend one of my meetups.
Each percentage point of reputation level
earns one free beer or coffee if you attend one of my meetups.
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Oh I see! Thanks for letting me know that this still vary from each one of us here. I see yours @ 49% though.
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· 4d
A short video by #RogerVer himself. A simple explanation we can tell people what Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is:
· 4d
Dividends now available for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) that we hold.
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Proud to have a Reputation level of 55% here on memo.cash. Just wanna ask what privilege do we get having a high Shared Connections percentage?
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Hi I'm new
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A new Wallet Functionality that also supports Bitcoin Cash! Happy anniversary BCH! http://bit.ly/CryptoWalletWithFreeXRP
Giving we have more new construction in America than we have ever had in our history... And companies are posting the best profits than they ever have in our history Trump Wins again..
· 42d
Will you be able to still enjoy the weekend if your time will get consumed preparing ahead for next week? Talk about being workaholic! Hehehe! But I am loving it!
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More work means more income!
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Working all weekend a few thousand miles away from home unfortunately. Could be better, but not terrible. At least I got to check off a new state.
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Oh hi there! It's nice to know that you are doing good there! Me too, I have done preparing for the next week though instead of enjoying the weekend that much! Hehehe! Seems not enough
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Good here, got a few things done today :-) #happy
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The number of active users is continuously increasing. Memo is on the right track.