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Hello my name is Andrew from Hong Kong


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i have applied their MCO VISA card, it looks great
If you meet a lady who is above perfect, please respect her; coz that lady has passed through many difficult matters. Take a look at the smile on her face, it's hiding loneliness, weakness, broken heart, sadness,...
wow just realised I already made 400+ action on here memo
Good evening bro and sis on memo
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probably in other location instead of Beijing, they won't do that stupid shit to bring themselves trouble though
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Unusual Uther
it is believed that they are building a new bio laboratory but i don't think they are stupid enough to build in Beijing as the CCP leader always in Beijing!
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em, don't say congratulations to me, i am not a CCP fans, I hate CCP, HongKonger is not equal to mainlander from China, CCP not stand for HongKoner
it's raining cats and dogs outside in here hong kong today. not bad, at least the weather won't so hot lol
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Got what I needed already. Thanks though.

Arthur to Bring Heavy Rain and Tropical Storm Force Winds to Eastern North Carolina on Monday
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I blame it partially on psychiatry and on the dehumanization that it causes through medicalizing our emotions and hence potentially every social interaction
Dog's harnesh project - A gift for real hero before seperating again. I am curious bout how useless I am in this life. I wish ANINE recovers fastly, but not ready to be seperated
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Don't trust the morons and their stupid crisper machine to fix your genetic code.
Happy Friday, good morning bro and sis
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Yes sometimes I will be paranoid as well, probably that’s human basic instinct. And it shows the importance of communication to each other’s
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Bro I am not being grouchy, just feel lucky I am back to normal, I thought I have COVID19 as I been fever for many days
been sick for nearly a week...finally back to normal
Amazing Beauty

Kimchi and sardines
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Didn’t talk for a while, how are yoy
my everyday meal after 20% pay cut, well at least i still got a job...

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After the halving...
Will BTC domminance go up or down from its current level of 66%?
Up 20 votes · 2,555 satoshis
Down 33 votes · 4,420 satoshis
It will stay at 66% 5 votes · 0 satoshis
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