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replied · 306d
... an important distinction because a lot of those cloud miners may not just be in it for pure $$. Many may strongly care politically about where that hash is directed --> violated
replied · 306d
2/2 But if it wasn't locked in the contract that he can re-direct the hash power at any time / or short notice of 24 hours... that's wrong and a violation of property rights / contract
replied · 306d
Oh right. Well if they are being fully compensated AND IF it was all fully locked in legally with terms and conditions in the contract, I guess that would be different.
replied · 306d
Reorgs that contain all of the exact same transactions do not impact user experience. Only miners lose out on the block reward for getting orphaned - an incentive to upgrade tech
replied · 307d
Aren't we using SV by default on here?
i am realizing something... BSV is same as BCH and 1/4 of the value. And open to 128 mb scale ... maybe we will see something surprise here. Money Button is already on the BSV side. Hash power is now more on BSV...
replied · 307d
LMAO... exactly! Like Roger doing fucking CPR with more stolen hash... but I don't think he'll have many btc cloud mining customers after pulling that shit on them! laughing so hard!
replied · 307d
Basically the txns between the checkpoint and when the re-org chain emerges will be frozen in time until ABC can pump their minority chain back to life. It will be a total cfusterfulk.
replied · 307d
ABC - Another blockstream company.

replied · 307d
BSV also has block explorers now. I built one and there are some others like
unfollowed · 307d
replied · 307d
Integrity here... ABC showing they will compromise their moral integrity over and over and over again... "desperate times call for desperate measures" I guess... (no different to govt)
replied · 307d
Stolen btc hash by roger... then hurpa durpa checkpoint to lock it down... redirecting / changing protocol to "defend" against txns from stresstest. Only one side is compromising moral
replied · 307d
ABC have basically shat the bed with horrendous misconduct the last few days... that will be very hard to clean. Shit stains alllll over that ABC blockchain..
replied · 307d
Dude you're one of the few people on that even support ABC. Stop pretending like it's all over after 24 hours. Even are more neutral to SV oriented.
replied · 307d
Wow. Really? Shitting on Ryan X Charles already - because he chose SV? Pathetic. Listen to yourself
How to make business decisions in a world that is changing

replied · 307d
Ryan didn't say anything about getting sued as a direct threat from SV, he mentioned the cost of doing business on the ABC chain and working against patents held by nChain.
replied · 309d
Roger was legit once upon a time. But has since been compromised.
replied · 309d
He is just misguided. Perhaps by his own mind. Perhaps by Jihan, who knows.
replied · 313d
Maybe I'm not following enough people on Twitter (about a 1000) but I don't see unrefuted arguments for ABC there.
If SV win this... they'll be able to follow it up with frequent block size changes too and if other miners don't keep up then they die
My conclusion is BMG pool had superior performance during stress test. How do I join the BMG pool? (Sorry, it’s only business)
I hope SV wins the hash battle. Will be so much better in the long run.