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Yeah, that is the nomenclature: "negative rights" are legitimate "positive rights" are a perversion of the original idea.
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Anyway, I gotta get back to work, ladies and gentlemen. Finally gonna get some vacation time tomorrow!
oh my god that is retarded ^^ snake vs mouse...
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How much of your overall investments (stocks, currencies, funds, etc) are in Bitcoin Cash?
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@Excalibur I agree GROUP is bloat-tastic, but Vermorel's paper seems very "cart-before-the-horse", and seems to overlook other existing locations for meta-data persistence.
What do you mean by other existing locations for meta-data persistence? memo.cash uses OP_RETURN and is basically a proof of concept of Tokeda concept
Is Tokeda vs GROUP. I massively in favour of Tokeda. Johannes Vermorel knows what he is doing.
Beats the fuck outta me kokansei. I think the ratio of ancaps in BCH has significantly improved (we're predominantly big blockers) for industrial scale... but still some work to do...next up
Just please please do not push for GROUP to be included in a hasty hardfork to cure the bear market. Give it time. This idea is very new. I am strongly against
absolutely agree
My instance of memo running on own server xD

Maybe there can be "Grand archival master node repositories" where every piece of metadata crap is stored forever and you pay to query it for research purposed
Tokeda is perfect. I can see it lasting 1000 years. It is perfectly sustainable and dynamic at every level. Market driven. Massively scalable.
this going... this is normal. Healthy. Economically sensible. If your token fails and goes to zero... the archival miners can stop persisting this in the UTX :)
You can have shit-tokens that are maintained in the UTX if you're willing to pay... but long term at scale you will need to be profitable and of value to keep
all to store every last piece of crap ever broadcast onto the blockchain... this is crazy. OP_RETURN metadata has always been prunable from the UTXO for a reason
miners to perform this (sweeten the deal). Currently bitcoin cash is in infancy so miners are ALL archival. This will not be forever. GROUP wants to force them
If one day, miners do not want to store all of the metadata of memo.cash, we will all just have to cough up a little extra 1sat/byte or whatever to pay archival
If you are against Tokeda then you're basically saying that memo.cash is impossible and can't work. But here it is... working!
Simon Van Gelder. So a national currency on GROUP would not need to have any proof that they hold the asset as promised??? What is your argument?
Just please please do not push for GROUP to be included in a hasty hardfork to cure the bear market. Give it time. This idea is very new. I am strongly against
79b79aa8 I can call it "GROUP" that's fine. But you're wrong. GROUP adds NOTHING. amazon just whitelist approved ids... you can transfer all you like..no value

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