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It's what you get when king shitlord gets to make all the changes he wants to the code...you get an avalanche of shit falling down on everybody. (Alalanche = pre-consensus)
on twitter. He released a statement. Go and follow ryan x charles and money button and you won't have to scroll down far. None of the SV crowd use reddit anymore. r/btc is all ABC now
He apologized and un-banned those few people who to be honest were saying some pretty damned retarded shit... but now they're free again to spread more retarded shit I guess.
No... that's crony capitalism. i.e. state interference in the economy. i.e. socialism / communism / violation of person and property rights. Don't confuse the two. Capitalism = freedom
Oh bollocks. SV supporters have always been there it's just that we used to go by the name "bitcoin cash". "SV" is just a recent name for the real bitcoiners.
You publish the 10 blocks right at checkpoint time and 50% of network go with the 9 original blocks and it gets checkpointed by some ABC nodes and the other 50% checkpoint the reorg
more secure? REALLY???? With only 10% of nodes accepting the CPs every 10th block it is an almost certainty to cause a permanent chain split if publishing 10 empty shadow mined blocks
No they ruined reputation by destroying the security model and economic incentives in bitcoin. They could have prevented an attack with hash power - instead they corrupted it all.
That's not how this works. Calvin has most hash by far anyway. There are about 10,000 mining nodes on SV... that's not one guy... and the consensus rules are now set in stone.
What?ABC just ruined their reputation adding checkpoints to prevent his and Calvin's reorgs... He's done us all a service by shining a spotlight on ABC camp and their lack of integrity
It's still there. ABC wouldn't be checkpointing if they weren't afraid of it.
Better have SV that wants legal global business usage than abc that wants PoS, checkpoints, bucket shops and pseudo anarchy coin that will be marginalized.
They let Core win. They really don’t know what they are doing. What is common knowledge for us eludes them. But I’m happy they don’t get it. Let’s me load up on SV.
Classic NPC focused on the personality of ONE GUY. This is about the consensus rules. The performance issues can be worked on independently without any hardforks EVER.
Why do you say "Lock the protocol have no chance to win"? Internet protocol has been locked now for 30 years.
Shadow mining attack... because he can't really know how close on his heels Craig is... maybe Craig's just mining BTC at huge profit whilst Roger burns $. Will attack later short reorg
2/3 so basically Craig and Calvin lose $ mining at a loss. But Roger loses money mining at a loss AND has to pay a really high premium to do it... and cannot titrate it to match the
Hard to say really. With BTC much much more profitable to mine. Roger is spending a fortune to rent hash (must pay to make them whole again...) Whereas Craig and Calvin own theirs
Everyone seems to think they have to reorg the whole chain. Why do people think that? Reorg like 10 blocks (repeatedly?), and already you have done much damage. Miners miss rewards etc
No way man. Look at the hashrates, the profitability for BTC is way higher right now, esp yesterday when SV's dropped to 1.1 Exa. ABC is using pools to fund this - they pay cust in BTC
Yes they are scared. The SV hash is not visible, shadow mining empty blocks to re-org ABC so they need to have a very high (above equilibrium) hash rate to prevent a deep reorg.
... an important distinction because a lot of those cloud miners may not just be in it for pure $$. Many may strongly care politically about where that hash is directed --> violated
2/2 But if it wasn't locked in the contract that he can re-direct the hash power at any time / or short notice of 24 hours... that's wrong and a violation of property rights / contract
Oh right. Well if they are being fully compensated AND IF it was all fully locked in legally with terms and conditions in the contract, I guess that would be different.
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Reorgs that contain all of the exact same transactions do not impact user experience. Only miners lose out on the block reward for getting orphaned - an incentive to upgrade tech