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Yes. I paid myself using crypto yesterday - and this is because I told him about it. Feeling proud 😄😇
If you plan to go to #Budapest #Hungary I know a guy who accepts crypto for renting a room. Let me know and I will give you contact details.
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It looks orthographic.
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A recovery phrase creates many private keys, but NOT vice versa.

I installed Badget Wallet after reading this. Try recovery phrase under Settings, instead of from Account details.
Not a big point with a few characters here
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To be honest, I couldn't find the sidebar that supposedly contain the messages on fork/upgrades. But good idea to touch up "How to Play" on that matter. Thanks!
Chat.Chat was at Crypto Mining Forum in Malaysia during the weekend.
We will be in more events! If you see our booth anywhere,come to talk to us!

Have you dumped all your fiat?
The british pound £ (GBP) is dropping in value. Now is a good time to do your Christmas shopping through and save an additional 20-30% by using
Which got me wondering, does it take unsplit coins, ABC, SV, or either one?
Sorry, just realised what you meant. Electron-Cash under Mac OS on

My Telegram is @Fockz btw.
Currently only handles single bet transactions. I'll pop-'em open today to add multi-bet transactions. Would you be down for another test in a couple hours (bet's on me) ?
Ah, that explains. Multi-bet transactions meaning to cater to what I did (multiple addresses in 1 tx)?

Sure, am down for it! Just give me a nudge when it's updated, no need to rush.
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However it did not achieve the effect I was looking for. (0.00005 BCH down for each Odd, Even, Black, and Red in 1 transaction) The website lists only the first (Odd) bet. Was I wrong?
Go get em!
This is good. Just add a lambo/copter/spacex chase, a few gun fights, and sell the story to the 007 franchise!
The spikes are not necessarily rented. Bitmain own huge amounts of hash and can move it between BTC and BCH as they seem fit.
OOT: thank you for the tip you left me! 🙏
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Nevermind that, seems I got the similar name mixed up!
OOT: you tipped your own post? That's new! But thank you for leaving me a tip a few hours ago! 🙏
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