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A storyteller suit who recently evolved into a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

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Hey Memo, how are you doing?
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I take it as storing data on the blockchain. I don't think that will happen any time soon. Data on the blockchain is still very limited, mainly in size.
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My out-of-warranty IP68 phone died after 5 minutes of getting wet. Got some BATs in the browser’s wallet too…
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That was what my cousin did when she came back to Germany: 14 days of responsible quarantine.
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Thank you, Angel!
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Your birthday too? Then happy birthday! Same day as my late grandmother's birthday, May 14th, which is coincidentally a day after mine...
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It has not been pretty.

COVID-19 took my aunt. Thank God her immediate family tested negative after 14 days.

We're dwelling within a neighbourhood with 24 positive cases. 2,349 in the city. Please spare us too. 🙏
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I really need to triple-check, especially when writing on the blockchain...
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The moment I saw gow you replied to my question some time ago, I knew you would do a lot of unexpected things. And make the world a more fun place to live in!
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Cool, am on it. Thanks!
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Duck. Marinated in blueish sauce.