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Starlink Review: New Era of Internet
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Welcome to "which green"? the poll where everything's made up and the sats don't matter.
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(...) the switch to BCH because I couldn't deal with the BTC's hypocritical behavior, celebrating negative adoption, etc.
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That is by far the better one.
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i like this one
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Sounds good, I will be doing something similar myself, but sadly not at the same time so can't come meet up with you.
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No ads either. I don't care about making money. I just want to develop software and expand the BCH ecosystem.
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1845d · Cash Accounts
v0.5.0 of the Cashual wallet is out on google play. You can now backup using the android app backup system already present on your device, and you can also make touch backups with NFC.
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In this case, the original poster is incorrect. Basically we'd be about as malleable as BTC - only some TXs are protected.
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Where can I read more on this? Specifically, in what way we fixed them and when it happened?
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That said, I'm not sure the rule of court is the best authority on truth though.
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Uhm... wasn't the whitepaper already filed for copyright with that instance in 2016? Since they don't do any checks, I guess the validity will be determined in court eventually.
Bitcoin Cash since the beginning.
Thank you Blockchair team!
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Can someone confirm if this allegation is correct?
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moving the send button to the right is a win there. having the language selector in the header as well.

As for the left<->right placement, its probably worse, but can be worked around
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The worst part is that now that you have it, removing it is **also** a huge misstake. #notdailymemo
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Enjoying the final season of Game of Thrones so far? #dailymemo
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When browsing a topic, entering a message has the message text and length counter above the text, but the send button is alone below. I suggest: right-align send button and move counter under input