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Anyone here knows why antpool is excluding #cashaccount regisrations from their blocks?
I'm looking for feedback on a BETA of the cashual wallet. If you have android, you can try it here:
I'm looking for feedback on a BETA of the cashual wallet. If you have android, you can try it here:
Looks like >1$ fees on BTC is really good for the altcoin market.
Quick update: the redesign to includ wallet functions is now Cashual Wallet and not yet released. A new website might be available soon and I'm still scheduled to hold a talk on the subject.
I'd honestly welcome a change that makes segwit and non-segwit transactions equally costly. Reducing blocksize to 300kb is insane though and will either get no traction, or end BTC for good.
A working group has been building on a reusable address (stealth address in the cash account spec) that is easier to implement, and #Copay / #Bitpay has built code implementing them.
Currently, the only wallet that support BIP47 payment codes on BCH is stash wallet, but it's not very stable.
A topic to discuss the on-chain decentralized name <-> payment information aliasing scheme.

Could we get the warm soft nice green color on and let the harsh eyetearing monstrousity orange be on the default double-chain version instead?
quick note: Cash Accounts just entered beta - go test it at - public, decentralized, open aliasing system for all. :)
The #CashAccount beta has started, go test it out:
Not to mention that a secret chain of 10 depth is an extreme risk financially, as the chain needs to have more than just 10 depth, it needs to have a higher cumulative PoW as well.
I'll subscribe to PewDiePie if he subscribes to memo first :P
I tried to use The color is offputting. -.-
Why does it feel like this chat discussion here is >50% about SV these days? And why is it almost exclusively bashing BCH instead of being productive?
Hasn't the labor theory of value been debunked multiple times by now? It's a great signal, yes, but signals show peoples beliefs and people can be wrong.
Or, maybe you have seen it, and just don't deem it particulary important.
Then you clearly haven't seen what harm fake twitter accounts posting fake news endorsed by andreas antonopoulis or vitalik butering has managed to do to unsuspecting users.
@memo I am working on implementing MIP-3 now, but feel that it should be possible to backdate either the MCR or the MCA; sometimes users test a new service, and only when they like it want to connect.
He doesn't, but this sets expectations and if as endorsment without consent, is a real problem for @memo
@memo is now being used as part of SV brand promotional material:
Has @memo made any decision on what side of the fork the network will operate?
maybe someone here has an IP number to one of the stress test nodes they could share so I could set up the connection on my end?