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I forgot how god-like melatonin can be when your sleep schedule is off.
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YouTube iframe previews were slowing things down and sending oodles of tracking data back to Google HQ. I've replaced them with image previews. You might need to click twice to get videos to start on mobile.
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Vidteks basically sold a quasi-investment that he has now cancelled the value of over what basically amounts to a tempter tantrum.
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For users on iOS there have been some improvements when using Memo as a home screen bookmark
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Thanks. But I found a youtube video. The wallet has a sweep option. When you scan the code you just select sweep wallet.
Check out I for one am very excited. Builders are still building on bitcoin cash. #dailymemo
Celtics should have an easy win tonight playing a 2-6 team at home.
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Not sure you would have to look it up, but I guess you could use any good block explorer to get the amount.
Only 14 hours until the upgrade. BCH will better tomorrow than it is today.
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Buy trail mix and eat plenty of beans and other proteins.
Been on a plant based diet pretty much since the beginning of the month. Surprised how easy it is. Let's see how I feel after a couple of months. #dailymemo
Memo is probably the best place for someone to get started in Bitcoin Cash. They can experience sending and receiving and I'm sure people will donate some sats to play with. #dailymemo
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I used to laugh at the folks that paid to have their keys engraved and locked away in a safe, now I get it....
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This needs to be fixed!
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I think I've figured out why token balances sometimes display incorrectly. Should hopefully have a fix out soon
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There is now an indicator in profiles that shows when someone is following you
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Just released an update to #hashtags. There were a few cases that weren't handled properly. If you notice any #bugs with hash tags please let me know. #memo
Next Scheduled Bitcoin Cash Network Upgrade Is In Less Than 20 Days!

You can find countdown here:
Just put the order in for the camera I've wanted & 2 lenses :) Saving $857.34 paying with BCH
LMK what y'all think of my article “How To Protect Yourself in the Digital Age”. Here's a link on Medium
we can't tipping or posted here again because my bch balance going zero and I'm poor can't buy more bch or change really needed all memo user tips guy's taking me here and life
I love you guys ❤
I’ve grown tired of the scaling debate. To me it’s over. At this stage if you believe in the original Bitcoin vision of fast, cheap, unchain transactions then you should be using Bitcoin Cash. #bch #quotes
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The problem is never the #economy, but the #MonetarySystem. The only solution to fix the economy of any country is to fix the rigged monetary system. That is Y #BCH is valuable #Share
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The currency is only printed to pay the interest, but you can never print enough to payoff the debt. Why? Because ever note printed comes with interest #EternalDebt #DailyMemo