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· 3d
It's interesting how muting on memo is different from Twitter. It's out of sight out of mind on the latter, but constantly seeing that muted button on Memo serves as a reminder that these people still exist lol.
· 4d
What we need is an actual business that takes advantage of BCH's attributes as digital cash that generates a profit. Who will be the first successful BCH business? #dailymemo
· 2d
Is there a way for Memo to let me post something over the character limit and automatically split it up into multiple posts that can then be rolled up? Manually doing it is a pain. #dailymemo
· 1d
· 1d · Tokens
If anyone notices tokens missing from their profile please let me know. There have been a few reports recently, trying to get to the bottom of it.
· 3d
I just got home from watching Joker. It was as good as most people say it is. And yes Joaquin Phoenix was very good. I went and watched it by myself at the local theater, and I admit I felt a little self conscious abo
· 10d
You can instantly send any amount of #BitcoinCash to anyone in the world for less than a penny!

Introduce your friends to better money today!
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How addicted are you to memo?
Not at all 2 votes · 0 satoshis
Somewhat 3 votes · 0 satoshis
Ok just a little 2 votes · 1,000 satoshis
OK maybe alot 2 votes · 1,555 satoshis
Very much so 2 votes · 0 satoshis
I cant live with out it 0 votes · 0 satoshis


· 7d
Shareing the good news for comming SLP tradeing on !
· 8d
At one point I regretted committing to posting a #dailymemo a day for a year. Now I'm glad I did. I think even after a year is up I might continue. It's like having a diary that will never be erased.
· 8d
Massive update today for bch-js: v1.6.0

- All examples are working
- Updated documentation
- SLP token send and genesis working
- 0 vulnerabilities
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On a Private Platform, you can be Banned, Censored and Blocked. Quarantined, Shadowbanned, Suspended or Hidden. Member is Public Platform on the Memo Protocol. Remember that on this Memo Monday.
· 7d
Banking, payments, investments, commerce, escrow and betting without custodians!

Peer-to-peer cash enables non-custodial financial services.

Get Ready!

· 7d
I think Facebook will inevitably destroy itself because the technological growth is not matched with spiritual growth. Thoughts?

This happens over and over again in history.
replied · 6d
Yeah! Make good DApps and spread merchant adoption! That's how you do it.
· 7d · MEME GANG
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2min 10, Roger asks what SLP would you like listed....

Would you like exchange to list Rocket ( RKT 🚀) SLP Token?
Yes 9 votes · 3,055 satoshis
No 1 votes · 0 satoshis


· 7d

replied · 6d
For a variety of reasons this is even worth the discussion. Everything good has a really bad copycat and that's just that, but the good always wins.
replied · 7d
BCH has much more merchant adoption and a much wider support by OG bitcoiners. BSV is supported by a single shady billionaire and a cult of nutcase faketoshi followers.
· 12d
I love my fellow #memoers! Cheers to evey single one of you special people. 🙌🏾
replied · 12d
You can only quit an addiction if you have a good enough reason period. A good WHY? (reason to quit) will carry you through every single obstacle and hard time.
replied · 12d
It's because the content creators are there and #Memo and other decentralized platforms are not yet viable alternatives to Twitter and Facebook.
replied · 12d
It's not denial. It's lack of a better option. People know the world is messed up, they just don't know a better option. Even with fiat currency to insecure social media platforms
replied · 12d
That would be nice, but most ppl including me would rather leave that to the data security experts because that's their job. Median users aren't mad understand it