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Amaury might not be perfect, but you're completely off base to be calling him a toxic imbecile. What have you done for BCH development and community twatter?
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Amaury Sechet (deadalnix) is a toxic imbecile with a negative influence on BCH development and community. #BitcoinCash #BitcoinABC
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no not yet I was just researching for a place to buy precious metals in europe. It seems pretty reliable. I'll test out later by buying a silver coin as test
replied · 23h
Did you buy any coin on this website? Can we trust it? What are the fees?
replied · 23h
I found a european counterpart, that accepts BCH and DASH.
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Do you own #USDT?
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I watched Pierre Rochard ealier on the livestream (Youtube recommendation), and he was talking how transaction fees weren't high enough currently...
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When will there be a USDT SLP token?
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You can now view self-replies rolled up. Link in block explorer dropdown, e.g.
sha256sum bitcoin.pdf
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What would possibly go wrong?
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This is the same link.
· 5d
Recent talk at Bitcoin Cash City Conference talking about wallet privacy!

· 5d
"In contrast, the DAA of another blockchain system, Bitcoin Cash, is shown to be stable even when the cryptocurrency price is volatile and the supply of hash power is highly elastic."

Source: ...
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Boost Privacy on Bitcoin Cash Transactions by Mark B. Lundeberg
· 7d
The Lightning Network loss-of-funds CVE is now being exploited in the wild.
Does your wallet leak your information?
I need this on a fancy perfume bottle:

#Rekt by Ryan Research

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Pets are for #hodl, not eat.

Sounds like a good way to throw a wrench in the gears of mindless bureaucracy. 😅
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Haha well done! But this is not a competition :)