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Perfect merchant: has a balance, pays expenses and employees in crypto
replied · 3h
He's referring to transaction censorship (e.g. a bank refusing a transfer), not social media censorship.
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In the current adoption phase, one must either immediately change to fiat or put back for a very long time.
replied · 4h
You are right.

IMO merchants who sell immediately are useful, but they don't help to stabilize the price and reduce volatility. Merchants who hold are more important.
replied · 4h
As a merchant, you have to worry about the price ;)
· 15h
Memo doesn't seem to be growing, but at least the people keeping it alive aren't leaving. #dailymemo
· 18h
Published my first article, `Thoughts on "Store of Value"`, on! <3
· 22h
Replace financial custodians with protocols to give individuals control over their own money.
replied · 23h
I don't see any difference (except it's called DAPP)
replied · 22h
Yes me neither 😁 They explain how it works in the "Provably Fair" tab:
replied · 22h
They explain this in the "Provably Fair" tab:

However I don't understand how it works.
· 23h
Seen on "NEW UPDATE: SatoshiDice has been upgraded. It is now a DAPP!"

Apparently it now uses OP_RETURN data to work. Good job!
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Classic Twatter.
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Yours wasn't successful and moneybutton is nothing extraordinary. In the end, his zealotry and retardation killed both.
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It was more successful than ;)
· 2d · SideShift AI
It seems we can shift coins on SideShift.AI without an access code now:

My referral link:
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Of course. The title should be "The people who are contributing to Bitcoin Cash". They are interesting people to follow.
replied · 2d
He had a successful business ( and was developing another one (MoneyButton).
· 2d · Bitcoin Cash
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Just finished watching this and am even more convinced that BCH attracts the brightest minds in the space. #dailymemo
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This is pure fiction :)

I don't think so either, but I guess it will take time for the price to go up again. So 8 years between the last peak and the next seems reasonable.