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French crypto-enthusiast. Bitcoin is censorship-resistant deflationary money.


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Bitcoin, Gold, Libra, & Govt: Jeff Berwick, Fmr head of US Mint, + more!
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Hello everyone! Just joined Memo and I'm a new convert to BCH. Looking forward to all the great interesting conversations I'm going to find here :)
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He's a bit old for this don't you think?
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Stranger Things 3 question:
Is Jimm Hopper (Chief of Police) alive? #dailymemo #strangerthings
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King Lulu
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"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years" - Abraham Lincoln
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Ha ha, looks like it !! Crazy !! I checked Reddit after breakfast and was like wtf!! I live in the wrong timezone !!!
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It seems real to me.
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Mute this address.
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He continues: "Maximalism is distinct from shitcoin awareness in that it is characterized by promotion of one Bitcoin over all others."
Eric Voskuil: "Maximalism is a public relations effort to discourage the formation of substitutes for a given coin."
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Maximalism or moronalism ? Hard to distinguish between the 2 :-(
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I am so tired of maximalists' reactions to Vitalik's proposal to use BCH inside Ethereum.

All they can say is: shitcoins, bitcoin is king, hodl, halving, moon.
Maximalism is a cancer growing inside the cryptocurrency ecosystem. #dailymemo #maximalism #BTC #BSV