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@TheLegendaryTwatter Do it!
Does someone know what are these addresses sending a lot of BCH transactions ? e.g. qqrxa0h9jqnc7v4wmj9ysetsp3y7w9l36u8gnnjulq

The number in OP_RETURN data is increasing: currently 0x5cb1955a
Assange arrested: usual business for the State. You have never been free. #dailymemo
What's up with the blocktime variance? We've had to wait 1.5 hour between blocks at least 2 times today. #dailymemo #bitcoincash #BCH
Someone is "spamming" the Bitcoin Cash network:

Do you know what it is? These are strange OP_RETURNs.

Bitcoin Cash will implement all the useful things other cryptos bring: Schnorr signatures in may, perhaps Avalanche in 2020. This was the original argument against altcoins: we can copy it if necessary. #dailymemo
Hi, I am lugaxker#106. Question: how do I generate a BIP47 account or a stealth address?
With the pump, you are richer today than you was yesterday. Use this extra wealth to buy things like Hayden. #dailymemo

BTC $4650
BCH $180
Bull trap or bull market?
Daylight saving time, April fools' day: two things I hate 😁 #dailymemo
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Version 4.0.0 of Electron Cash is finally out! CashShuffle enabled! Let's shuffle some coins guys! #cashshuffle
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@memo When I'm writing something on the app, a notification can appear and erase what I'm writing. Can you fix this "notification bug"? #dailymemo
Monday is the best day of the week for those who love their job. #memomonday #dailymemo
CashShuffle has been integrated into Electron Cash 4.0.0! Let's use it! #cashshuffle #shufflesunday #dailymemo
The Lightning Network is a very hard problem to solve. #dailymemo

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Welcome back.
"The value of Bitcoin over its alternatives derives directly from removing the state from control over both monetary supply and transaction censorship." Eric Voskuil #dailymemo
#dailymemo thought: Soft forks are not as soft as you think.
You can create inflation using a soft fork:
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A memo a day keeps the censorship away!
@maplesyrupsucker Well, it was a very special one! Two veal steaks, bleu d'Auvergne (French cheese), caramelized onions and homemade mayonnaise. Very tasty 🍔 #dailymemo
Enjoying my saturday night by eating a good burger and drinking a couple beers with friends #dailymemo
You can buy a Ledger Nano X with Bitcoin Cash on the website #dailymemo
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