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· 395d
Today, a 3rd of humanity remains unbanked.


To achieve economic freedom, people need unrestricted access to financial systems.

Another Japan exchange hack & WeChat censor accounts?
replied · 395d
Nice experiment :) Maybe we should indicate number of votes by people you follow (sort of similar to the connection percentage next to names)
· 395d · BCH Speculation
Heavy pump
· 395d · BCH Speculation
wtf is going on?
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Whitepaper: 2835B0C5EEF3B8C07A09B5E855172A96B7668CD61ECB62420C1AF9BF676D2558
· 407d
Hello world! This is my first post on MEMO. The electric and plasma universe will be the next paradigm shift. Scientism and big bang gravity nonsense is doomed.
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· 434d · Religion
Also take a look at the Wehrmacht (German military) belt buckles from WW2 which say "Gott mit Uns" ("God with us"):
· 448d

bitcoincash in Rwanda
there's definitely a market :))

did they say bitcoincash smartphones?
· 449d
Now on Facebook and on instagram it’s baackkkk
· 452d · US Politics/Trump
I think somebody needs to spend less time posting leftist fringe garbage on memo and more time looking for A JOB.
replied · 452d
Made me laugh, thanks. I'll considerate your needs, maybe you'll be the only one? :-D
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I will use it on blockchain.poker to improve my poker skills
· 452d
I'll start a 1 USD daily giveaway right here on memo.cash (might increase amount if other memo users chip in with likes-funding). Requirements: Comment on my "Giveaway Memos" and give a good reason why you need it.
· 454d
Aw so close but yet so far. 1st vacation in a long time without family. Lol my family came here for the summer so I am going there. I hope they don’t get it
· 456d
Getting ready for another #stresstest to see how we perform while hashrate is down. Time to fill up the blocks!
Want to contribute? bitcoincash:qrj8m97a57wkg00sgsh62khvfue759wequ3njcfng2
replied · 458d
Memo shows all protocol-conforming txns, many posts do not come through the site (e.g. the r/btc bot). The reason these don't show up on the site is they are using a different prefix.
· 462d
Distributed Peer Internet

Replacement to server based internet systems.

Blacknet. Started 1998. Birthed in concept, 2018
replied · 463d
East Europe is best Europe
replied · 543d
Well, seeing as the whitepaper is there
· 463d
Paper 755 underway.

Secure means to link a biometric to an ECDSA key with pin