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I was chewing a chewing gum and then I fell asleep. Please tip me.
Invitation to join http://reddit.com/r/memocashtalk. Welcome to join! We are also looking for new mods for r/memocashtalk and if you want to become a mod follow the instructions in the pinned post.
You are travelling in slow motion. How do you notice that time is passing more slowly for you than for everyone else?

(Please tip! I need money!)
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Please tip! I need money!

Please tip! I need money.

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6. Also, don't expect anything from this service and you will never get disappointed.
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5. This is an experimental service. It's not certain that I will keep it running forever so check the latest posts to see if this service is still active.
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4. You can also post some funny content here in this topic but it should be nice and family friendly stuff only.
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3. Send me some tokens.
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2. Send me some satoshi to cover the transaction fees.
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How to do:

1. First post a message in this topic saying that you want to participate. Every time you tip you need to do that first.
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Tip me any token and I will tip you any token as long as you also send me a few satoshis to cover the transaction fees. Please be patient, I am away sometimes but when I come back I'll tip.
How many users does memo.cash have? Is there any other platform similar to this out there? This one is nice and fast and has the right features but maybe not so many users. Why not build this on ETH or something?
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How are you going to peg it exactly? And why can't I vote in this poll?