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A Pakistani soldier explained to me, if they join the war on the side of Russia, they would win the war within 7 days, because each Pakistani soldier is equivalent of 10 NATO soldiers.
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I have been led to the conclusion that the capabilities of the US military are very much overestimated by most of the world. It's hard to predict such a war, but I would not be too
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Who should I vote in the EU elections June 9 2024?
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What is
Also, if miners decided to prune the chain and remove op_returns, how would this affect the functionality of the site? Thanks!
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I wonder if simply needs a new frontend. Although I’m glad that it hasn’t been completely abandoned and it still running.
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Heck, I didn't even know that there was one. But awesome! Just downloaded. The more popular this service becomes, the more incentive there is to improve the app!
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The iOS app needs to become a bit better
724d · Bitcoin Cash adoption accepts Bitcoin Cash! They also created two specific BCH lamps! Super cool stuff (also 900+ anime lamps!)
I forgot how much I liked - had to create a new account since I lost my original when the platform first launched.
Highly recommend all my twitter folks come over here as well! I'll be a lot more active.
Hm, TxStreet swapped and cash fusion. Interesting
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I'm still learning it and find out in readcash 😓
Is there a way I can add BCH backing to my SLP token? Like if I want to make 1 token worth 1sat, can I put the funds towards all the minted tokens?
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Yep! Love this platform, been a long time, want to bring people back. Especially with twitter integration, makes it easy! Can use as two social networks WHILE putting txs on chain!
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BCH Rules
Join-Post-Tip-Earn-Spread ☺️
For my Twitter folks! Everyone that hops on and comments on this post in the next few days, will receive a tip! #BitcoinCash
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723d · memo
Updates have been released that should improve performance of some pages 🚀
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