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A must watch for Canadians and Torontonians:
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See me on WeiBlock: https://weiblock.app/user?id=621
Won't be posting anymore, check my profile on WeiBlock: https://weiblock.app/user?id=621
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Will be nice once the mempool limit is lifted
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Legacy core limits left over. I talked about it in this blog post: https://jasonc.me/blog/chained-0-conf-transactions-memo
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So how does twitter manage to store and process all this data?
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Thanks for the heads up. So much noise about what amounts to a gift card scheme...
Today I was reminded again, not your keys, not your coins. Also, custodial sucks. Downloaded the new SPEDN app, got an invite code, deposited BCH, only to learn you can't withdraw, only spend. What a joke. #dailymemo
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Even after having existed for 10 years, I would still assume that any money invested in Bitcoin can be entirely lost.
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Know your limits and time horizons. No matter what anyone tells you, Bitcoin is high risk. We don't even know what sorts of events are coming, but forks and legal risk is high.
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Finally finished it. Frankly, the moderator sucked, continually letting Zizek ramble forever and never getting to audience questions.
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There is an Android app. iOS is in progress.
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Which is your preferred denomination?
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I heard some commentator claim that Peterson got spanked... so I was under the impression it was debate rather than dialogue.
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Aha, I heard this was out... need to find some time to watch it
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Who is the biggest imbecile of #crypto?
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What crypto debit card(s) are you using?
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Crypto forums during a crash...

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Proof of authoritarian.
Hence my bye-bye EU:
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Ok thanks, that was good for some hangover chuckles. Nothing very original though, I too have heard the good word of "XX man bad".
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Oooh that guy's voice and constant edgy strawmaning is too annoying. Anyways, what is your point?
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Ugh seriously 40 minutes??
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In memo.sv settings you can enable "Big Memos" in settings which allows posts up to 65kb.
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