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My talk about Memo from CoinGeek Week in November.

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BTC still exist (ie there's still room to drop)
BTC may have to drop below $1000 and die before we reach bedrock.
I ♥ canadians
marked... But I'm not watching the price. I'm watching transactional velocity and ignoring the spikes. BCH velocity (particularly via Memo) must exceed BTC before I invest again.
Hardly since you have to buy BCH to shitpost over here :D
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This is how invasion looks like
UN can fuck off. It's a massive scam and money laundering operation. West should cut off all aid to those idiots.
According to which government?
Your sexual organs need exercise to be healthy, just like every other part of your body. Ethics is more rational when we replace the Good vs Evil dichotomy with Healthy vs Unhealthy.
Homosexuality in other species is still an illness. Most if not all human illnesses can also be found elsewhere in other species.
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I'm currently spreading the word about in the comments on
Any ETA on when we will be able to hide / mute users and topics. The spam of some individuals is making it hard to follow discussions or have any at all in certain topics...
Soon there will be people on Mars, the sort of person that travels to another planet will be a certain kind, I am interested to see how evolution plays out there.
This could be wishful thinking. I don't see Islam making any concessions. And they are growing fast.
That's a nice idea, but it's not what we are actually observing. Islam is demanding respect and giving none in return.
Freedom of Movement is a game of aggression. The group that demands the most respect and gives the least in return will win. eg Islam
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