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BTC still exist (ie there's still room to drop)
BTC may have to drop below $1000 and die before we reach bedrock.
Freedom of Movement is a game of aggression. The group that demands the most respect and gives the least in return will win. eg Islam
multiculturalism = genocide
ie by the year 3000, I hope there are more ethnic identities – not less.
I don't want there to be one human race any more than I would want one world government or one world language. Singularity is bad, not good. Diversity – real diversity – is how life survives.
Race is a thing and should be. The biodiversity of our species should be recognized and protected as valuable heritage.
Freedom of Movement ≠ Anarchy ... Freedom of Movement = Islam
testing... ≠
"I want a homeland for my people," said the black activist. "I want a homeland for my people," said the white racist.
“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” ― Henry David Thoreau
wow! Didn't know the Supreme Court of Canada was that Orwellian. Thank you for sharing @excrement.
The truth will always be 'hate speech' to those who hate the truth.
i wish i could easily read topics from the beginning
We don't need to solve that mystery, @ex. Plants know how to extract carbon from the atmosphere and use it to make materials. They've been doing it for years.
Spare me the scifi imagery @LightRider. I'm not buying it. They'll promise spaceships & modern architecture. But what we'll get is Venezuela.
Capitalism – Communism. What's the difference? They work so well together, I see no point in trying to separate them.
You're welcome @solitude. And thank you! It's been fun. And it made the world cup more interesting.
@Alberto I hate to spread FUD... but I think crypto will continue to crash until BTC is dead. Sell your HODLings and get ready to buy back in the fall.
just when I had given up on the underdogs... Perišić proves me wrong.
I don't want to ban him, but I do want and need to erase him from my perspective.
@FaggotTitan is the perfect example of why we need an IGNORE button.
social media is the critical mass.