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Why LBRY Losing to SEC May Be a Win: https://jasonc.me/blog/sec-lbry-ico
White men are people too
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I refuse to answer this question on the grounds in may incriminate me
MindVirus 1CDod5
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We can evolve with space travel as well. If we make it that far.
20d · Ryver Asia
Update on SofiaCBCH / "VainilaMarket" / "Team Ryver" charity event scam:
She ghosted this week, no return of any funds, no updates on her activities.

21d · /tv/ - Television & Film
3:10 to Yuma: Pretty good neo-western. tldr; What’s your price? money vs survival vs self-respect.
Okay last one for now....
White men are people too
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That napoleon guy still is pretty popular indeed. There are statues, movies, books, fan fiction all using his look/name, mostly in a positive way. When do you think he'll be beaten?
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35 years ago in Hungary: Taxation? Here? No! Promise! We only list all the stores for research purposes!
34 years ago in Hungary: *Personal income tax and corporate tax introduced.*
27d · Tax
224 years ago today income tax was introduced to Britain. Don’t worry, we’re told it’s only a temporary measure to help defeat Napoleon…
True bromance.
I was told the 200th episode of the Dash Podcast was the best one yet. Really optimistic coming into this year, so many cool things are on the verge of happening!

NBTV Livestream: What privacy tips do YOU need for 2023?
January 3rd, 2023, 3pmET (NY Time)

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Well we do have two different plumbers (at least) that will take it. In this case we did everything ourselves.
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Out of curiosity, how does stuff like that get sorted when you’re living on crypto? Does the plumber take crypto or do you pay through a third party?
Basement flooded and the car broke down, but other than that a good Christmas 😅
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White men are people too
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I'd like to point out that I liked your X-mas greeting one more satoshi than SuperHacker.
Merry Christmas everybody 🎄
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White men are people too
Historically, ‘civilisation’ = people moving from rural areas to city. ‘collapse of civilisation’ = people abandoning cities and moving back to rural areas. That is all.
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White men are people too
Presuming you’re talking societal/economic collapse, not crypto markets…
Merry Christmas to you all 💚💚💚