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But maybe i am seduced by style over substance. Can’t decide.
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Ok. she’s actually quite interesting. need to watch it some more. Not buying it so far though. Smashing stuff is easy, building viable alternatives is hard.
4h · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists are the most violent and destructive people in history. We must stop them. We will stop them.
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4h · Funny
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movie or SG1?
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White men are people too
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7h · no mans land
7h · no mans land
Thought it would be interesting to have a topic to list stuff that seems to sit between, or be trying to bridge, the current cultural divide. Posting != endorsement.
First Time Here.
Just discovering this new platform.
Please how to set profile picture without imgur?
Thanks for your help.
Have a nice time everyone.
11h · COVID-19

10h · COVID-19
Friend got hit by car, ambulance arrived to take him to hospital, to check he has internal injury. In the car he tested positive to covid. They refused to treat him! They brought him home instead.
White men are people too
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I hear what you're saying, but the situation is more nuanced than that. Maybe you shouldn't convince them. Maybe the phrase will be overused soon. Maybe they are cov19 hypnotized
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White men are people too
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White men are people too
False flag how? You mean they are set up to fail and thus deter anyone else trying the legal approach? Their branding is a going to bring them flak.
When debating in person, use the phrase -
'the situation is more nuanced than that'.
It introduces unknown unknowns. They become hesitant, suddenly unsure of what it is they're missing. Boom. Bishop take queen.
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..take away these and the vax itself becomes a non-issue for most people. 1 more crappy pharma-corp product with overstated benefits and understated risks. But hey, what's new there.
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It is sometimes frustrating that we focus so much on the vax itself, when the real issue is the coercion and control that surround it...
1d · Covid 19
Why the vax debate is just a proxy for a deeper cultural divide
"X place is too cold"
"Y is a shitcoin"
"Z won't work once the feds get involved"

These are all excuses to not live free. Don't let anyone rob you of your freedom.
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Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
And the other 4 of us are only here to spy on the Uthers.
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There are still around 10 active people here.
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