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for ABC posting
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There is no need to fix what is not broken.
White-paper/nakamoto-consensus works great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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BTC & BCH split == the first anarchist revolution of Bitcoin.
ABC & SV split == the second anarchist revolution of Bitcoin.

BSV people, keep close to the white-paper/nakamoto-consensus, keep anarchy in check.
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Day 3 of water fast. So far, easier than day 2. I am allowing myself 2-3 cups of black coffee a day which helps. Might go up to 5 days if I can.
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try eating some salt during the tougher monents 👌
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Oh I get it. by “attack” you mean fairly criticize for ignoring to core principles of journalism.
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"Dumped all my BSV today and bought NANO for the proceeds." lol.. that's how much the price means, fam, that's the sort of decision making process this price represents.. nothing serious, buy em up if you've got the $
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proof basketball's are flat using a nikon p900
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will memo.sv have a different logo?
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No they've successfully tested >60mb blocks sustained for days, accepted through mempools, so far just on the testnet. That's just the beginning, working towards gigabyte blocks soon!!
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does it taste like heart-attack? 😅
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bug-report for the app: i see no way to get to the youtube-app from a linked YT video
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Yes, the plan is to retire sv.memo.cash and abc.memo.cash.
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It's complicated.
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Slow broadcasting on memo.sv has been fixed