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hello memo
Memo is uncensored. Nobody can be banned. Memos can not be deleted.
Haven't been on in a while. Hey, Memo!
What about BCH chain? Is it going to get increased text size or not? I am not interested in BSV that is why I am asking.
PSA: It's called Bitcoin Cash, not "Bitcoin Cash ABC".

Also, there is no "Bitcoin Cash SV" - they call themselves Bitcoin SV.
There something like 9 public BCH implementations. Miners are free to choose one other than ABC.
Will u rename "ABC" sections into "BCH" on your site?
Uncensorable speech
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What do you use Memo for?

Police brutality during Yellow Vest protests: 'Move along, nothing to see here?'
When Memo app?
A new disscussion called BlockTorrent was added to https://cash.coin.dance/development yesterday. http://toom.im/blocktorrent/ Torrent-style new-block propagation on Merkle trees
I can cancel my Netflix subscription.
I can't cancel my government "subscription".
I can't fire them.
How is it a service if I can't fire them?
That's why I call it theft.
En Levende Mand
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Memo is getting better and better.
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Memo send feature released!
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Coming soon...
The Real YouTube 2018 Rewind

Hi guys
Hello, Memo, I'm from Venezuela some way from me to take out my memo Bch and charge them to my wallet? I have no income in crypts since yours.org died and wanted to know if I can work in this web
Division of labor, eg. telecom: hundreds of people are answering the calls, tens of people are supervising, CEO hires/fires, investors discover the price of the enterprise. More wealth
I saw lots of development today in r/btc going on: bitcoin.com oracle, atomic swaps, nicknames on chain... That's what I like from BCH!