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Anything that scales beyond Memo.cash private database
Or "Anon" + relevant part of UNIX timestamp of the first action + collusion exception symbols
Show it as "Anon ~XijhCw", 6 last symbols. If collusion is spotted, add more symbols to the exceptions
Please, do "My activity"/"My memos" as a default for Dashboard or as the first button in the ribbon
Will Memo.cash have global trending list?
Again, want to encourage you, guys, to set a like at least to the dust limit - make value sharing innate to Memo. I did. I'll like at least 5 next replies to the topic in the spirit of that
I'd like to see the price of a single memo or any acttion on Memo down to 1 sat. Is it possible? What do we need to achieve that? Better software of protocol upgrade?
U added arrows on top to go between pages, so it'll be useful to have same arrows in the bottom (instead or with) or to have "^" button on the bottom
Blockchair.com does OP_RETURN statistics as a graph. Memo.cash shoud too
@MemBo Excellent!
I'd like for Memo.cash to follow Bitcoin.com example and set the default cost of a memo to 1 sat, no matter how many bytes. There's still the OP_RETURN limit. Were there attempts to do that?
I encourage people to set their likes in Settings to at least dust limit to reward measurably both miners (which 0 sat likes do) and content producers. I did
Regular players and especially big winners make casuals interested: to attaract regulars to sit and wait around which is ignition of a room u need clear rake perspectives and low rake
@Barricade Someone'd come up with a standart of sharing descriptions of a shared file. Plain text in a memo and links to services like Imgur are expensive and unreliable
I'm posting them occasionally. It's without a doubt a future of trully open and uncensroable file sharing: magnets, IPFS, LBRY - hashes of valuable info on-chain