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Where is the option "I'm just eating popcorn"?
posted · 3 days ago
Introducing https://trends.cash : Explore what Bitcoin Cash is talking

Thank you all for the support! Memo is awesome, I'm loving it! Here is my second video if you want to check it out: http://bit.ly/2Qohzsd
https://xbit.pw - 11,026,991 indexed torrents & magnets !!!

[RELEASES: 11,026,991]-[FILES: 307,965,013]-[FILES-SIZE: ~16.18PB]
posted · 6 days ago
oyo update: You can now set your preferred bitdb node: https://oyo.cash/#/pages/settings
@memo you guys have done a great job with the platform and upgrading feature since day one. Thank you!
posted · 9 days ago
Introducing Oyo.cash - search the Bitcoin Cash blockchain for text - https://oyo.cash
posted · 8 days ago
oyo.cash update: Hugely improved title and content displaying in results
oyo.cash is so much better than chainfeed.org for search purposes. Thx!
posted · 8 days ago
oyo.cash was build in just few days by a single person with basic JS knowledge. When people wake up to what bitdb is capable of, the BCH ecosystem will explode.
If u weren't rich, u didn't get to choosed your citizenship before 2009. Bitcoin is in part a new global nation
Global constitution is fine as long as it's installed like amendments to US Constitution: overwhelming majority in each country. Unlikely to occur, especially when we go crossplanetary
Remember to use Cointext to onboard your friends to BCH - it's being rolled out across Europe now!
Send them a nice BCH surprise by sms :)
Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. Remember that.
Made my first Memo account to promote my new youtube channel. Hope you all will check it out even if you're only here for crypto:
New Roger Ver Weekly show is up on Bitcoin.com Official Channel:
Core devs - Flawed foresight, cloudy heinsight. Good point!
Memo just passed 3800 total users.
3 phases of #Communism
The market. Both of us are in the constant negotiation. Humans are the blankest slate, culture - history of dialogues - accounts for the bigger blank part of us
IPFS is a good possibility. Also looking into other options.
How's everyone doing?
The removed "Don't be Evil" and leaked horryfying "Google Ledger". Just a bunch of globalists
Just use Memo++