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Exactly. The Challenge
Next step after immortality - finding a way to halt the end of the universe!
Above 300k Memo actions reached!
Memo is the coolest thing on the cryptosphere right now
Which changes do businesses need? CTOR is just order of txs inside a block. And miners are currently voting on all three big Bitcoin chains
Is there any new code related to the biggest blocks? As I understand it's just miner's node settings, applicable to any Bitcoin chain
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Memo Chain Comparison Dashboards (Timelines) On main site (green): 1st, 7th, and 9th memo using unsplit coins. 2nd-6th and 8th using ABC, thus not on SV. 👍 #hashwar #memo
In the same way I cant declare my scarf worth $1M and force someone to pay that “full amount”, you cant declare your labor worth $1M/year and force someone to pay you.
Exploitation would be involuntary exchange of labor for resources. Like labor camps in certain countries. I can spend my bits to answer u, but I don't have to - that's capitalism
Workers trade their labor for money like everything is traded.
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I just took a look at my ABC.memo.cash and SV.memo.cash sites. The last time I looked 9 days ago, I had the same notifications. This time I count 27 on the ABC side, 23 on the SV side.
🤖 Resistance is futile!
Whale Alert: 66,233 BTC just sent from an address not active since 2014

Download Chat.Chat: https://apple.co/2DNYc9V

#Bitcoin #BCH
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Hello world, im new to memo
Totally not a lunatic
And u're extremely smart
We are one of the fittest among animals, we use tools in a supreme manner. Why give it up and start to get eaten by big cats and reptiles again? Shoot them with a rifle
The facts are well known. Communism has, and continues, to result in starvation and tyrannical control of the people. What you think communism is doesnt matter. It has been tried.
No, it is the same on both chains.
Indeed. Privacy was a false promise of social media. In reality we lost most of it, and security of private keys is the ultimate technological test of mankind. Free people or Borg
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Sometimes it struck me quite a bit that Memo posts are not only immutable, but also permanent. Makes me think twice of what to write.
What organizations aside from SENS Research Foundation are attempting to help defeat aging?
Do u believe that u personally are able to bring the utopia other people failed to deliver over numerous attempts? If so, u deserve the first bullet
It can't happen anywhere, cos homo sapiens aren't blank slates. Just the blankest of all animals. Sex and food, now accompanied by decent medicine and a lot of flashy stuff on screens