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Der Kampf gegen das Niedrige ist vor allem ein Kampf gegen sich selbst!


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Infinite API over Bitcoin - https://planaria.network/
Playing Missile Command off of SV bkockchain
1) he failed to rally miners to fight Core to defend Bitcoin system destroying BTC 2) goes up again BSV which is best implementation yet, etc. Text limit on ABC side prevents more lol
what do u think of 200 char OP RETURN limit on BCH? BSV 65,000 limit. BSV block max 103 MB mined. Wu bankrupt. Do u concede u made mistake supporting Amaury instead of Satoshi Vision?
The Bitcoin network that follows the original Bitcoin vision.
ready for 99994 bytes OP_RETURN limit ?
#OP_RETURN @memo
Commodity ledger. :)
new datacarriersize 100000bytes ?
A Serverless Website Stored in a Single Bitcoin SV Transaction
How memo becomes a blogging platform
Prohash mining BSV! It’s good to see miners fighting anti-Craig cult mentality
Think people. I’m making money. I’ve stated BSV is powerful and it’s $3 price difference from ABC. I don’t want to see others lose their money though.
BSV and ABCs price and accumulated PoW are converging. BSV has crossed BCH market cap several times already
100% BSV. Let’s compete!
The cattle is quite uppity today
Kind of like an educational/vision vid
Do you not use email? TCP/IP? Tor? Those are all "locked" protocols.
Most of developers are developing on #BitcoinSV. And I'm one of them.
The future will speak for itself.
thanks, this motivated me to start using memo-sv 👏💋
"Amaury's pet-project" vs "locked original Bitcoin protocol" #gameOn 😎