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replied 310d
Is this the reorg problem?
replied 310d
I wish they'd reorg out the toxic people
replied 311d
Their roadmap had it and the chief bitcoin Jerry Chan is friends with all of the nchain people always pushing them
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replied 312d
By that principle, then the exchange can delist at will because then they trade what they want to trade? They're not obliged to facilitate trades for any one entity.
replied 313d
Well, two hours before they officially announced, but the threats were there. What do you think of Ayre's threats that it was unlawful? What about CSW turfing out his twitter?
replied 313d
Well, in this case "Binance decides that dealing with CSW being a thundercunt isn't worth the money coming in from BSV trades"
Binance went through with it's threat and delisted BSV
Crypto usage needs to be as easy as buying with the US Dollar. The only way i can think of to keep the government and consumers happy is to perform a per purchase asset exchange tax much like sales tax.
replied 320d
Your understanding of communism is pretty fucking weak if you think a resource based economy is anything akin to it.
replied 320d
Welcome to memo
replied 320d
I lost a lot through spending. People on my team would constantly pay me in BCH for food since I was the only one with fiat. Then I started trying to divest because I was holding lots
Bitcoin Cash was born not out of greed, deceit, or opportunism, but rather from the passion of the community who wanted to see Bitcoin continue as peer-to-peer electronic cash.
#BCH #BTC #Bitcoin #Cash #Freedom #Memo
replied 320d
Then it was quickly taken over by greed, deceit, and opportunism. Along with that, illegal activities, child abuse, etc. Passions that continue to this day.
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Do you think that BCH and BTC can coexist in the future(2-5 years)? I think that there is no way to get close to BTC (price and usage) because crypto community do not like BCH. Coexistence is possible for me.
Yes 3 votes · 4,000 satoshis
Nope 9 votes · 2,600 satoshis


replied 321d
Relevant to whom exactly? It's almost entirely us nerds circle jerking, and some speculators who are looking for sick returns. Those guys would bet on two drops of piss on a urinal.
replied 321d
Still a scam (mostly), less of a fad?
BSV proponents don't know the different between "forever" and "for a very long time, if we allow it" and why that difference is important.
Every time I see some shithead talking about the "real" bitcoin

replied 322d
I'll take all your bits. Sponsor my shitposting!
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Bitcoin (SV)
Bullshit nchain/coingeek propaganda.
replied 325d
Did they honestly put a paywall on their post about how they've put up paywalls? That's the most fucking ridiculous thing I've seen all day, and I've been reading a lot of JavaScript.
replied 325d
I miss the old wrestlers. They were entertaining.
replied 325d
Ah geeze, looks like the communists are right again.
replied 325d
To make any sort of paradigm shifts even a small group of passionate and devoted doers of any kind will be more effective than millions of noizy spectators (read bitcore fans).