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replied 14d
We've got evidence of BCH nodes doing the same on the BSV network though.
The new technical requirements for BSV definitely make it "the enterprise chain" as in "only people with enterprise pockets can afford it". The "Bitcoin For Business" is full of shit.
replied 14d
It would better for them if they did, especially if they want to entice people who transact frequently.
replied 14d
It will create a header/block mismatch though, and it's an annoyance.
The private telegrams for CSW's reporters are ridiculous. The recent pump and dump keeps them loyal, and continues funding his insane legal battles.
replied 167d
If that's the case, then you best be a communist.
replied 167d
nChain likes to work with companies by providing dev support tied to shitty legal terms. Zealots in the target org suck and sell that knob really hard for CSW's sweet treats.
replied 275d
Craig sure had a lot to say and nothing to talk about. It'd have read better if it had actually designed bitcoin as well.
replied 291d
Durr durr, you have to watch 10,000 hours of Jordan Peterson's work to truly understand his work. Nurr nurr, you have to watch 10,000 hours of shitead CSW's work to understand his work
replied 291d
A fool who doesn't understand socialism, communism, marx, smith, or any other philosophy. Also a fraud to boot.
replied 295d
I agree, but for a business that is relying on information being more or less immediately available from a consistent location, it's kind of an untenable situation. Especially at scale
replied 299d
It's not about your wallet being unsafe, it's about the data stored and it being reliably available.
replied 300d
Not running your own node opens you to the risk of having your data up and disappear. Why would you not solve this through a permissioned chain, or just established CSPs.
replied 300d
It's risky because of the ability to put arbitrary data on the chain, and the fact that nodes can/will prune blocks that are too big/old. Running your own node opens you to risk.
replied 300d
That sounds like IBM selling off assets to keep their share prices from crumbling. Nothing unusual here.
replied 311d
Still should have been called the doubloon.
replied 311d
Is this the reorg problem?
replied 311d
I wish they'd reorg out the toxic people
replied 312d
Their roadmap had it and the chief bitcoin Jerry Chan is friends with all of the nchain people always pushing them
replied 313d
By that principle, then the exchange can delist at will because then they trade what they want to trade? They're not obliged to facilitate trades for any one entity.
replied 314d
Well, two hours before they officially announced, but the threats were there. What do you think of Ayre's threats that it was unlawful? What about CSW turfing out his twitter?
replied 314d
Well, in this case "Binance decides that dealing with CSW being a thundercunt isn't worth the money coming in from BSV trades"
replied 321d
Your understanding of communism is pretty fucking weak if you think a resource based economy is anything akin to it.
replied 321d
I lost a lot through spending. People on my team would constantly pay me in BCH for food since I was the only one with fiat. Then I started trying to divest because I was holding lots
replied 321d
Then it was quickly taken over by greed, deceit, and opportunism. Along with that, illegal activities, child abuse, etc. Passions that continue to this day.