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The new technical requirements for BSV definitely make it "the enterprise chain" as in "only people with enterprise pockets can afford it". The "Bitcoin For Business" is full of shit.
The private telegrams for CSW's reporters are ridiculous. The recent pump and dump keeps them loyal, and continues funding his insane legal battles.
BSV proponents don't know the different between "forever" and "for a very long time, if we allow it" and why that difference is important.
Every time I see some shithead talking about the "real" bitcoin

The price roller coaster, plus BSV eating shit.
Bitcoin ABC vs SV: ABC wants you to buy CP anonymously, SV wants to hold it for you anonymously.

Both work fine for p2p payments since they're fast enough for the vast majority of common users.
Remember, during this bullrun, that you want to convince all of the people you don't like to buy high and sell low. Keep talking about the #cryptofuture so they hate you too much to come at you when it crashes.
"Angel" as an investment term is the more self-aggrandizing piece of shit term for "has money to spare". Anyone who describes themselves as "an angel" should take a long walk off a short pier.
Data on the blockchain is incredible, but if OP_RETURN values can be discarded by nodes for any reason, it makes the system entirely unsuitable for businesses. It sadly makes it suitable for illegal content. Bad news
I want to get magic internet money so I, too, can put my most inane thoughts online forever.