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replied · 9d
There will only be one generally accepted crypto as money in the end, and that is Bitcoin Cash. Other's may work as currencies in some places. It's becoming fairly obvious.
Even MSM Now Calling Recent US Actions In Venezuela A Coup & Now Even A Hoax - Both Are Correct
#Venezuela #NXIVM #Propaganda #TheDailyWrapUp
Looks like Satoshi doesn't believe in his "vision" anymore lol
replied · 155d
Binance went through with it's threat and delisted BSV
Crypto usage needs to be as easy as buying with the US Dollar. The only way i can think of to keep the government and consumers happy is to perform a per purchase asset exchange tax much like sales tax.
replied · 163d
Welcome to memo
Bitcoin Cash was born not out of greed, deceit, or opportunism, but rather from the passion of the community who wanted to see Bitcoin continue as peer-to-peer electronic cash.
#BCH #BTC #Bitcoin #Cash #Freedom #Memo
Bullshit nchain/coingeek propaganda.
replied · 168d
I miss the old wrestlers. They were entertaining.
replied · 168d
To make any sort of paradigm shifts even a small group of passionate and devoted doers of any kind will be more effective than millions of noizy spectators (read bitcore fans).
replied · 168d
You have to use the image's URL, not the album URL to make it embed. In Chrome, you can right click on the image and select "Copy image address".
The difference is you will never face jail time for something someone else did on a website you did not code
True enough,
- it is just that extra bit of distance buys a lot more sleep along with other considerations..
Not as crucial as shitposting on memo though.
Hello from Ukraine, this is my first post. My name is Tatiana, I'm 29 years old. I'm mom, I'm basketball coach and I had a very good experience in investing in cryptocurrency😁😁👍 I hope to find friends here.
Even that is not 100% proof as keys can be stolen, but signing with a known satoshi key is the bare minimum for anyone who claims to be SN publicly.
The reason because no one cares about SV is because CSW told everyone to fuck off. And everyone did so 😂
replied · 178d
Not really a problem. It is better to bot try to use the blockchain as a storage medium.
replied · 181d
BSV isn't intended to succeed, it was an attempt to divide the BCH community. I'm sure CSW/Coingeek are getting paid by BCH competitors, the coin doesn't need to take off