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replied 30d
Looks like MainNet testing for software development.
replied 30d
White men are people too
Anything that has a reliance on access to capital will become centralized. It's how capitalism works.
If Biden wins the nomination, Trump is likely certain to get another four years.

You don't bring a centrist to an extremist election in a polarized country.
I find it nearly reprehensible that the dems are going to trash their chance at beating Trump this November all to save face and lick establishment boots. The democratic party is not ready for the WH.
replied 30d
A little of column A, a little of column B. I think more B on the part of BSV. They're a bit vindictive.
replied 52d
Same reason. BSV devs not changing the network magic. After the split was a fact, they totally missed doing that and replay protection. Either that is incompetence or malice.
replied 53d
We've got evidence of BCH nodes doing the same on the BSV network though.
53d · bitcoin sv
Lol. Bitcoin SV (BSV) Nodes Are Accidentally Connecting to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Nodes
The new technical requirements for BSV definitely make it "the enterprise chain" as in "only people with enterprise pockets can afford it". The "Bitcoin For Business" is full of shit.
replied 53d
It would better for them if they did, especially if they want to entice people who transact frequently.
replied 53d
It will create a header/block mismatch though, and it's an annoyance.
The private telegrams for CSW's reporters are ridiculous. The recent pump and dump keeps them loyal, and continues funding his insane legal battles.
replied 205d
If that's the case, then you best be a communist.
replied 205d
nChain likes to work with companies by providing dev support tied to shitty legal terms. Zealots in the target org suck and sell that knob really hard for CSW's sweet treats.
replied 206d
There will only be one generally accepted crypto as money in the end, and that is Bitcoin Cash. Other's may work as currencies in some places. It's becoming fairly obvious.
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If CSW gone from BSV community, will you accept BSV?
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No, I'll never accept this split. 3 votes · 1,000 satoshis
CSW leave BSV community? That's impossible! 4 votes · 0 satoshis


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Prediction: When will BSV reach 1 BCH again?
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Craig sure had a lot to say and nothing to talk about. It'd have read better if it had actually designed bitcoin as well.
324d · Bitcoin Cash
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Does John McAfee actually know who Satoshi is?
Yes, I believe it 2 votes · 1,092 satoshis
I dunno, maybe 4 votes · 1,000 satoshis
Probably not 8 votes · 2,000 satoshis
Definitely not, he's full of shit. 7 votes · 600 satoshis


replied 329d
Durr durr, you have to watch 10,000 hours of Jordan Peterson's work to truly understand his work. Nurr nurr, you have to watch 10,000 hours of shitead CSW's work to understand his work
replied 330d
A fool who doesn't understand socialism, communism, marx, smith, or any other philosophy. Also a fraud to boot.
Even MSM Now Calling Recent US Actions In Venezuela A Coup & Now Even A Hoax - Both Are Correct
#Venezuela #NXIVM #Propaganda #TheDailyWrapUp