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30,999 tokens left! 💪
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My best friend had his first child & as a gift I gave her a hardware wallet & some BCH. If anyone wants to help Kaya's college fund please feel free to do so: bitcoincash:qzga6el0lxh3t42t72nh3amsp5muj6s9ksdqdxm7nz
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I don't drink so... count me in.
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I released Crescent Cash v1.8.1 yesterday! More Tor support, SLP token icons, and more!
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South Sudan Bitcoin Charity Selected by United Nations to Attend First Youth Climate Summit @sarahjoneskwqc,
@eatBCH |
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· 28d · #911Truth
9/11 basically removed all the breaks restricting the surveillance state.
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Cash shuffle? Yezzzz, cash shuffle. #dailymemo
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Nah you know
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I dunno dude.....
· 75d
Just tried tipbitcoincash for the first time. So easy and fun. Zero fees.

Try it on Collin's Independence Day 24 hour feed.
· 72d
Had an amazing Sunday. Designed and built a new watch face for Samsung Galaxy watch that allows you to easily check the time and prices. Showed it to our new CEO and he's a huge fan. Will share more soon. #dailymemo
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Doug Stanhope on #Nationalism
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"But: he says himself he is an asshole, and my advice to anybody is to avoid working with assholes, because sooner or later you end up covered in shit." - Gavin Andresen on Craig Wright
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Memo now supports tipping posts with tokens!
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I am not sure what you mean.
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is this the bottom?
listed 100 Lightning for 25,000,000 satoshis (250,000 each) CANCELLED · 106d

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I see it now. I never thought to click that. Thanks! Ill put some lightning up for sale in a moment.