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Now, the ABC fans are busy redefining what the checkpoint was. Look for them to attach softer and more pleasant words to it over time, appeal to morals, etc.
Odds that we see a total crypto market cap below 1B at some point in the next 5 years.
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I don't think one twitter account posting fake news is a real problem for anyone
I can't believe the price is so high. The only thing ABC is good for is arbitraging with a real coin :P Very telling about the industry as a whole. Fixed term contract paid in crypto? ouch
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I don't think that guy represents SV...
If anything, the takeover of BCH by ABC showed how vulnerable exchanges really are. Bitfinex is the only one that seems to have made an independent decision, but they usually do things their own way so no surprises.
The well known immunization to all forms of group think and instilled prejudice is a strong network of support, community, hobbies, varied interests etc. Nothing controversial about that
No, what I highlighted here is people responding to propaganda in the intended way. It's tough to protect yourself from this once you become vulnerable which is what I explain.
Gotta love Calvin's strategy. Hey ABC, give up the one thing you're fighting for and let's call it a draw. hehehe
Simply because you have a better idea of what reality is like.
If someone doesn't have this, you cannot instill such a perspective in them through an online medium. Cultivating a diverse set of experiences is the best defense against propagandists...
how religion seemingly has all the answers to your questions, at first. To see through it you need a broad perspective of what life is like inside and outside the sphere of propaganda...
The problem in dealing with any isolated incident of propaganda is that their web of belief is deliberately secured. A casual person is building a perception as they go, it's like...
Look at this useful idiot go.
Open source projects have funny economies of scale/security don't they?
Here we see the level of intelligence that SV is up against.
BTC-Core has a real strategy and a strategy they present. The strategy they present and engage in debate over is a front for their real strategy. It looks like the ABC crowd is emulating the fake strategy of BTC-Core.
I hate to say it, but Bitmain's involvement with Money Button make partnerships with MB very risky. Based on recent events, is likely any idea they have will end up stolen and duplicated elsewhere.
Posted by a known useful idiot lol
US v. them, righteous call to action, obsession with purity and correct actions, substitutes for real education on the issues, addressed to some vague collective, promotes irrationality etc.
It fits all the criteria