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lol nice one :P
How so? In the general sense that it's still early days, or is there something specific about that product?
So dramatic :P What do you mean reclaiming by mining? How does that work? The method I outlined does not use mining hardware.
This is much better for the currency as a whole than to let them go to whoever or fall out of circulation forever.
It's not theft if you allow the owners to come forward and claim them. In fact, the miners are the best people to run such a system. They have the integrity of the currency in mind.
Wait, do you acknowledge that the cryptography in the protocol will eventually have to be updated?

Is this method flawed?
It doesn't matter what 'should' be done. There is money up for grabs, it's nuts to think people will just leave it there. Given that people WILL try to claim it, how should that go?
No kidding. I'm not talking about current tech. How long will the 160 bits hold? not forever, and we'll have to upgrade. If someone doesn't upgrade what do you do?
lol @ that clown getting mad that people aren't using his made up terminology.
Even if they're dead? Keys can be mined with computing power, miners run data-centers, it makes sense that miners will claim old keys since anyone can do it.
The private keys CAN be brute forced, in the future it will be economical to do so in some cases. Who would you rather give an insecure private key to, a miner or a crook?
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This is nonsense. Blockchains existed before Bitcoin, whether you know about it or not. Satoshi may have coined the term though.
Yes, Bitcoin uses a blockchain but didn't come up with the design the novel invention was the POW mining game. A blockchain without POW mining is only useful in niche cases.
No, POW mining is what makes Bitcoin. This is the difference between BCH and SV. SV believes in POW mining, BCH believes the whitepaper ends at pg 2.
I want nothing to do with "Blockchain" I want new digital money.
Now, the ABC fans are busy redefining what the checkpoint was. Look for them to attach softer and more pleasant words to it over time, appeal to morals, etc.
You're just characterizing the checkpoint, not addressing the decision making behind it.
We've seen this a few times already early forks were overruled by Core instead of POW, segwit was soft forked in and you have to run it now. You're in denial.
I'm referring to the decision making process. If under attack give power to devs. Who defines an attack?
So BCH is an economy run by the generals?
Oh I thought you were talking about the whitepaper.
Interesting, what slogans are you referring to?