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Iam new to crypto


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Can I still join yes there are mine this is my beautiful daughters name hoping to win so I can buy milks and foods for them 🙏
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Can I still join you this is my Entry with my two beautiful daughters and hoping to win to buy my kids milks and foods 🙏
God is great healer of all thank you lord for healing my daughter 😇 and hope that covid19 will gone and all those sick will heal we want are normal life back so we can work and provide for are families 🙏😇
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Thank you😇
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not covid it's dengue fever from the bite of mosquetos
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Iam real person you can check my Facebook account ClengCaps my Twitter account @songbird_kaori
My daughter is sick now hope you send me help 🙏 😢
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My daughter is sick hope you send me some help we are in the hospital
Iam not fake iam real person
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I vote yes I want to see how they look like
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Do you want to see pictures of aliens?
Yes 58 votes · 76,686 satoshis
No 12 votes · 2,110 satoshis


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Yes this is my other bch add:
Thank you
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Successfully uploaded mine my proof of submission username=5ae83f7

BCH add:
Hello memo family it's a new day to start a brighter day 😍 keep safe all I miss going out side malling pls covid19 go away 🙏
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Iam into crypto
Twitter: @songbird_kaori
Telegram: @Clemklem
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Thank you 😍
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Don't drink to much is not good in your health it fine to drink a little Just to relax
Good nyt memo fam tommorow is another day let's pray that covid19 will gone and are life will back to normal again 🙏 🙏 🙏
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Thank you 😍❤️
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I vote yes sis because sometime is buy foods they cook in microwave
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Do you eat micrawavable meals sometimes?
Yes 60 votes · 8,804 satoshis
No 29 votes · 11,345 satoshis


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Thank you 😇❤️
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Sad 😔 I but hoping next time to get some

This me and daughter thats The last feeds are chicken
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This me and daughter thats The last feeds are chicken have iam jealous to others you give them big tip 😢
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Staying home for safety keep safe all
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Most people businesses here in Philippines is poultry that's why chicken is Indemand most people eating chicken meat
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Chicken is I demand here in my country philippines most people have there own chicken in there backyard