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It's hard to be notice I hope one day you can bless me 🙏
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Twitter :@kaigandan278
Telegram :@clemen278
Happy new year to memo family
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My DIY Christmas tree no light we cannot afford to buy
My daughter and me 💖
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Unusual Uther
Sir notice my daughter this is our DIY Christmas tree 🎄give her some gifts 🙏 🎅
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Sir notice my daughter this are DIY Christmas tree 🎄 give her some gifts 🙏🎅
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Unusual Uther our DIY Christmas tree simple no light because we cannot afford to buy my wish is to have foods this Christmas and to buy gifts for my kids 🙏 🎅
replied 26d sir this my Christmas tree my DIY we cannot afford to buy its just simple hope you give me blessings to buy gifts for my kids 🙏 🎅
replied 26d this my DIY crypto Christmas tree I join for a contest but not lucky to win sad 😔 I wish to have a blessing to buy gifts for my kids 🙏
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Unusual Uther this my crypto Christmas tree but we don't have any gift it DIY Christmas tree hope to be bless for my kids so we can have gifts under it 🙏
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Sir pls help me the house we Rented was distroy by the typhoon here in Philippines 🇵🇭 😭 😭 😭
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replied 116d
My kids all time favorite hotdog and egg
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Are you using the blue light filter/night light?
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Sir i hope you notice me pls 🙏
For my kids to buy milks 🙏 😢
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Now I'm a mother I want to be a rule model to my kids hope give me tips to buy milk for my kids they dont stock of milks 🙏
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My father left us and leave to her mistress my mother only race for us 3 kids I know my mom is bean Hurt but she still stand strong for us to have a foods and a home to live
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My mom is my rule model she race us to be a good person she do all the hard things in life that why now I salute my mom and give her gratitude to all his sacrifice for us
159d when life is hard because of covid19 😢 this is the last foods we have for this day to eat for my kids