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Iam new to crypto


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You drink lemon tea with ginger and salt it's realy good for colds and cough
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This my alien hope to recive big tip 😇😍
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I just watching the movie it nice but I still dont find hehehehehe
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Done vote sir 3 weeks is my vote sir its my birthday hope you give me blessing my kids asking for ice cream and cake hope you notice me 🙏 😢
Will we ever be certain of what the truth is?
How can we know what right and wrong is without the truth?
All our actions are based upon what we perceive the truth too be.
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Guess how fast China would run out of food if the CCP engaged in war.
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Iam new to crypto
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So sad 😔 I want to buy for my birthday Icream and cake that's my daughters request buy don't have money 😢 still no job I hope this pandemic will gone so i can work and support my family needs
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Thank you 😊
Good evening memo fam whats new 😊

Thank God for another day 😊 Good morning
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Photo taken by me my neighbor tree of manggo lots of fruits 😊

A beautiful and relaxing place how I wish I can go there and unwind from the stress good evening 🌃
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Happy birthday 🎂 🎉 💐 😇
Good morning hoping to recive more tips it's a big help 😇🙏
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Thank you 😇
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It's so stressful that you cannot provide for all the need of your family because I don't have work because of Lockdown here in our country
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Are company closed because of covid19 lost are job this pandemic is getting are life in suffering the goverment help is so slow I pray that covid19 gone so the life back to normal
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Unusual Uther

We have many plant in the backyard banana tree is one of them 😊
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Thank you 🙏😇❤️
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Can I still join yes there are mine this is my beautiful daughters name hoping to win so I can buy milks and foods for them 🙏
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Can I still join you this is my Entry with my two beautiful daughters and hoping to win to buy my kids milks and foods 🙏
God is great healer of all thank you lord for healing my daughter 😇 and hope that covid19 will gone and all those sick will heal we want are normal life back so we can work and provide for are families 🙏😇