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Today is 11/0 :Important Fundamental and Technical Details .BTC dominance @ 52.4%. Total market cap @$123.2 billion. Market volume of the last 24h was $19.7 billion.
Important Fundamental and Technical Details
BTC dominance at 51.6% (-0.2%). Total market cap at $137.0 billion. Market volume last 24h was $25.4 billion:
Important Fundamental and Technical Details.
BTC dominance is currently at 51.7% . The total market cap $138,065,576,510 . 24 hrs. volume was $15,808,332,158 •
Apple and Tesla shares on the blockchain could be the next big thing in crypto|twitter&par=sharebar
Bitcoin Will Pass $7 Trillion #Gold Market Cap,"We believe bitcoin is better at being gold than gold.
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What happens if I deposit BCH from the ABC chain? Memo won't be transacting on both chains.
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Good stuff!
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Stop making up shit. This amount of blocks is normal giving the sudden major increase in hashpower on the ABC side, DAA will catch up shortly.
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Yes, would you like some?
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Sure, let me know your address and i'll send some over :)
Bitcoin SV chain just got re-orged:
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Looks like it was 8 blocks. A few hours of SV transactions where just wiped out. Ironically this was one of CSW's threats to attack the BCH chain.
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What do you call someone that says he believes in Bitcoin Maximalism but creates/sells shitcoins to the public?
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Learn to earn in crypto world : I am Crypto Miner , Gamer, Trader, Investor , Social Marketer
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Michael Morakinyo
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Will BCH take the second position on
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