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674d · DIVVY Token Project
Random #s were 38 & 3 - CONGRATS TO qqxjd9s2e7a27ng3h29md99yavjkdvkufspxclvqnt, YOUVE WON 25 MILLION DV
674d · DIVVY Token Project
All tickets that were not sold have been burned. The drawing is tonight so make sure you get your addresses ready.
680d · DIVVY Token Project
We are reducing the price of the raffle tickets since fees are lower than expected-anyone who has bought from me already - the difference was refunded. Thanks! 25 MILLION TOKENS, GET IT
683d · DIVVY Token Project
example: 5 and 7, winning address on the dv25r token page 5, 7th address from the top.
683d · DIVVY Token Project
1st number corresponds to the page number winning address is on, 2nd number corresponds to the address on the token page on simpleledger.info
683d · DIVVY Token Project
How will we choose a winner? We will randomly generate 2 numbers-1st number (1 through (# of valid addresses/10). 2nd number (1 through 10)
683d · DIVVY Token Project
683d · DIVVY Token Project
100 raffle tokens in 1 address does not equal 100 chances to win, 1 raffle token in 100 addresses does equal 100 chances. So feel free to "game" the system, you're gonna have to work :)
683d · DIVVY Token Project
Within the next 24 hours, we will be deploying sale orders for anyone that wishes to enter the raffle for the 25 MILLION DIVVY TOKENS. Price will just be enough to cover time and fees.
683d · DIVVY Token Project
Every address w/ at least 1095 dv tokens has been gifted 1 DV Raffle ticket. Don't lose it or burn it because when the drawing happens, in 8 days, it could be the lucky winner
683d · DIVVY Token Project
Hi everyone, we are excited to announce the raffle of 25 MILLION DV tokens to one lucky holder. No purchase necessary
752d · DIVVY Token Project
Total Airdop Amount (SLP): 15000000 Refund Token
Minimum SLP balance to receive dividend: 50 DIVVY
759d · DIVVY Token Project
15,000,000 DV tokens airdropped to RFND holders in celebration of 6 months of successful DIVVYs. Pat yourself on the back :) Good Job!
769d · DIVVY Token Project
2 USDt (YES THAT TETHER!!) dropped to DIVVY holders. Needed 25 DIVVY is a wallet you control to be included. CHEERS!